Have you decided what to gift your Dad this Father’s Day?

A father is like an umbrella for his children. He protects them from every danger and difficulty of the world. He sacrifices his wishes to meet the desires of his children, takes the heat of the cruel world, to keep his children and family safe and happy. What a father does for his children and family cannot be described in some lines. Hence, don’t you think it is our responsibility to show our love and affection for him? Well, one of the ways to show him your love is to make this father’s day special for him. In this article, we will discuss ten father’s day gift ideas that your Dad will love along with the best offers. So stay tuned with us till the end.

1) Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are hugely popular these days. You can have your and your Dad’s picture gets printed on items like cushions, water-bottle, clocks, wristwatches, photo frames, etc. Also, along with the pictures, you can have your personalized text gets printed on these items. They look so cool and add emotions to your gift. 

Personalized Gifts are made specifically for the person to whom it is to be given. Hence, people get more emotionally attached to such products. Your Dad will love these products as gifts. You can buy the best quality personalized gifts from FlowerAura & get a flat 10% discount on all gifts.

2) Clothing/Fashion

Everyone wants to look attractive and fashionable, and so does your Dad. But in taking care of the family, maybe he has left his desire of looking fashionable far behind. You can gift your father clothes like shirts, tees, pants, trousers, blazers, jeans, etc. Just find out what your father wishes to wear and gift him the same. Style your Dad in modern looks and make him feel special. Make him feel young and handsome again. You can buy clothes for your father from Myntra and get a minimum of 60% off on men’s shirts.

3) Electronic Accessories

If your Dad loves music and songs, you can also gift him electronic accessories like wireless speakers, headphones, and ear pods. High-quality speakers and headphones are available at very affordable rates that will enhance your Dad’s music experience to the next level. Also, you can gift him a smart watch that will help him to track his health. It will allow him to monitor his heart rate, track walking steps, and sleep. You can buy audio accessories and a smart watch from GoNoise and get a flat Rs.500 off on orders of Rs.4000.

4) Wristwatches

Wristwatches are evergreen gifts and loved by all. They subconsciously enhance the look of the person wearing them. Also, if you gift a wristwatch to anyone, they will get reminded about you every time they check their watch to see the time. Your father will also love it as a gift. It is one of the most useful gifts you can give to your father, as he will keep the wristwatch always with himself and use it daily. You can buy the best quality wristwatches from Titan and get flat 20% to 40% off on international brands.

5) Men Accessories

You can also gift your father accessories like a leather wallet, perfumes, footwear, sunglasses, belts, etc. These are the products that your father uses daily and will love it if you gift him these accessories on father’s day. Perfumes and sunglasses are the most popular men’s accessories that you can go for. Based on your Dad’s preferences and choices, you can also gift him a bracelet and other men’s jewelry. All these accessories will make him look elegant and more fashionable. You can get up to 50% off on Lifestyle Father’s Day Curated Store.

6) Beard/Shaving Kit

A shaving kit is the need of every man. So why not give it as a gift to your Dad on father’s Day? If your Dad loves to keep a beard, then you can also gift him beard care products like Beardo oil and more. Shaving accessories like trimmer, shaving cream, shaving brush, pre-shave, aftershave, etc. are all included in a shaving kit. Hence it will make your Dad’s shaving experience a lot better. So it is also a very useful gift item you can consider for Father’s Day. You can buy a shaving kit from Beardo and get flat 20% off on all orders for new users.

7) Smartphone

Everyone uses a smartphone as it has become a necessity of today’s life. If your Dad needs a new smartphone or if he still uses the keypad phone, then this is the perfect gift you can go for on Father’s Day. He will surely get surprised and will be very happy after getting such an awesome gift from his children. You can buy smartphones from Amazon and get up to Rs.1250 off on top-selling smartphones and accessories.

8) Office Bag/ Travel Luggage

If your Dad is an Office worker, then he surely needs an office bag. Hence it can also be considered as a good gift idea for Father’s Day. Also, you can look for travel luggage that can be useful for him in his outdoor visits and tour. Hence, surprise your father by gifting him bags or luggage this father’s Day. You can get a variety of bags and luggage for different price ranges from Amazon father’s day special sale at the best prices available.

9) DIY Toolkit

There is a mini mechanic hidden inside in every father. From small DIY to the big repairs in-house, fathers are always at upfront. And for those superhuman tasks, he needs some DIY Toolkits that can make his work a lot easier. Hence, gift your father a tool kit this father’s day. Your father will surely love this gift a lot. You can buy Tool kits and other power tools from Amazon and get up to 30% off, a special discount for Father’s Day.

10) Books/ Kindle Subscription

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

Last but not the least, books are also a great option to gift if your Dad is a reader and loves them. If your father has a keen interest in reading fiction or non-fiction, then you can surely look at books as a gift on Father’s Day. Figure out what type of books your Dad likes to read and if possible, try to find which book he wants to purchase next and gift accordingly. He will be amazed to see how much you care for him that you bought him the exact book he wanted to read. You can also gift him an unlimited subscription to Kindle so that he can enjoy audiobooks also. You will find a huge collection of books on Amazon at the best price.


So we have discussed some of the father’s day gift ideas along with the best offers you can find online. Gift any of the above items to your father as per his choices and interests and surprise him. But remember one thing, gifting your father does not mean that you have done your responsibility towards him. Respect your father, recognize the efforts he makes for you and show your care for him every day. Let him realize that his children also love him the same amount as he does.

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