How are you spending your time in lockdown?

To control the spread of coronavirus, the government has imposed either full or partial lockdown in various parts of the country. Lockdown is considered an effective solution to fight against coronavirus, but it is affecting people’s lives as they are getting bored at home. They have nothing to do instead of wasting their time watching TV, surfing social media, etc. In this article, we will discuss some of the exciting & productive activities to do in lockdown you can do at home during lockdown that you not only will enjoy but will also benefit you in the long run.

1) Learn New Skills/ Take Online Courses

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Always invest in yourself to learn a new skill. Having the right skill set will help you thrive in your career. You can learn anything based on your choices and interests. Learn skills that will help you earn some money, as many people have lost their jobs in corona. If you have the skills in demand, you will never be unemployed. That is why you should always work on gaining knowledge and skill set. You can take online courses from Whizlabs where you will get 80% off on trending courses.

2) Read Books/ Audiobooks

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Reading books has many benefits. It not only increases your knowledge but also increases your focus. Every great leader and successful person is a reader. They read a lot of books to enhance their knowledge, their understanding of the world and self. You should also add reading habit to your daily routine. It will make you more focused, highly intellectual, and a self-aware person. If you do not like to read books, you can also go for audiobooks. You can listen to books summary in the form of audiobooks and grasp important lessons from them. You can buy books of your choice at the best prices from Amazon and go for Audible to listen to Audiobooks.

3) Home workout

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Well, everyone knows that exercise is important for good health but only a few take it seriously. But, the lockdown has made this situation even worse. As people can not go outside, they just keep lying on their bed and do nothing in the name of physical activity. This may have serious health complications in the long run. You should do a home workout every day. It does not take much time, only 30 minutes of daily workout will make you feel energetic throughout your day. You can do cardio exercise, planks, pushups, squats, crunches, etc. at home. Also, you should wear workout clothes during exercise to make your experience better. You may buy workout clothes from Zivame and get up to 60% off.

4) Learn Cooking

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In the daily busy life, people did not have enough time to focus on some other important life skills like how to cook. But, thanks to lockdown, you now have got a chance to learn one of the most essential skills. Now it’s time to ask your mom to teach you the basics of cooking. Everyone needs to know how to cook these days. It is because most of the people live outside their home for studies or work. Hence, utilize this time and learn this skill.

5) Home Decoration

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It is one of the most interesting things you may love to do during the lockdown. Everyone wants to make his home look nice and adorable. You can try different things to decorate your home like wall paintings, wallpapers, wall hangings, vases, etc. Apart from them, you may also try changing the location of sofas and tables to get a new feel. This is the perfect time to try innovations and experiments on what looks nice, as no one is going to visit your home. So try different things, be creative, work on ideas to make your home look nicer than ever before. You may find an awesome home decor collection at Amazon and get up to 70% off. 

6) Work On Your Passion / Do Creative Things

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Everyone has some passion to follow, a hobby to nurture. But, in our daily busy, and hectic life, it is not possible to give time to our hobby. Do not let your passion die. This is the perfect time to work on it. Be it drawing, music, art, crafts, dance, singing, or anything you like, you should do such creative things during the lockdown. Give your passion your attention, and it will reward you with great joy and happiness. You may also join classes on Unlu where they provide online guidance and support in different fields like writing, acting, singing, comedy, etc. You may choose as per your interest. You may get up to 70% off on all Unlu classes.

7) Gardening

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You may also spend quality time working on your home garden. If you do not have a home garden, you may simply plant flowers in pots at home. You may plant various types of useful herbs like Aloe-Vera, Giloy, Ashwagandha, etc. at your home. These herbs help a lot in building your immunity against coronavirus. You may also plant fruits and vegetables in your kitchen garden. Believe me, you will get an amazing feeling when you eat vegetables from your kitchen garden. You can purchase these plants online from Nurserylive using the offer buy 4 get 2 plants free

8) Learn About Finances And Investment

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Are you investing your money the right way? or should I ask, “Are you even investing your money?”

Today, investing is not an option, it is a necessity. It is because of the inflation rate. Every day, the value of your money is declining and if you are not investing on the right platforms, then you are losing your money. Hence learn about finances and money investing now. Also, start investing as soon as possible because the earlier you start, the more you will gain. You may take financial courses on Udemy with amazing offers and enlighten yourself with financial knowledge in the lockdown.

9) Work On Your Communication Skills 

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Communication skill is, no doubt, one of the supreme skills that may help you in achieving great success in your career and life. It is your communication power that may impress anyone. If you have strong communication skills; if you know how to convey your thoughts impressively with others; you will surely touch the sky soon. On the other hand, poor communication may have the opposite impact. Hence you must work on your communication skills, improve your language proficiency and thrive in your career. You may find amazing courses on Udemy for improving your communication skills at the best price. 

10) Spend Quality Time With Your Family

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One of the best things this lockdown has given to all of us is the opportunity to spend time with our family. In normal daily life, people do not have enough time for their family. But this is the right time to show your love and affection for your loved ones. Spend quality time with them, share your talks and enjoy a happy time together. Cherish every moment you ever wanted to live with your family, as this opportunity may not come again. So, apart from wasting time on mobiles and social media, please have good family time.


So we have discussed some of the productive things you can do at home during the lockdown. Remember, time is precious. The lockdown has given all of us a golden opportunity to work on those important things which we were neglecting for a long time. So do not waste this time and focus on the things which may add some value to your life. If you have some more suggestions, then please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you find this information helpful, then share it with your family and friends. 

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