10 Ways To Stay Beautiful This Winter

Staying beautiful is always a difficult task. Acnes, pimples, dust, allergies, menstruation related problems, busy routines – all these makes your skin become dull and unattractive. Things get worse with the change in climate. Now that winter has knocked the door, chances of getting skin problems are more. Chapped skin, lips, frizzy hair – the problems are endless.

But, you still have chances to stay beautiful even during this adverse season of cold. Yes, with certain tips you can remain beautiful as ever,making even winter an effortless season for your skin for looking beautiful. Check out these 10 ways to stay beautiful this winter…

1. Pamper Your Body With Oil Massages


Now, the season demands a good pampering for your body. Your skin will be thirsty for some good moisturization. So, give it a good oil massage this season, so that it does not leave dry and created rashes and other related problems. Any good oil that can keep your body warm and fresh could be a great choice for pampering.

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2. Use LukeWarm Water


It is very cold outside. So, it does not mean that you should bath with hot water. Rinse off the body with lukewarm water once you are done with the oil massage. It makes in opening the pores of the skin, removes dirt, moisturize the skin and leaves it soft and supple.

3. Baby Oil – Your Partner For The Season

Baby oil can be your partner for the season for many reasons. It helps in making your skin gets enough moisture it needs for the whole day than any other moisturizers can do! Wow! That sounds cool! Mix half amount of water with half amount of baby oil and apply on your skin to keep your skin super soft and supple.

4. Your Hair Needs Attention


Apart from your skin, there are other parts as well which needs attention and your hair ranks the top for the same. Winter offers you frizzy hair. It is difficult to manage your hair during this season. Give it an oil massage and make sure you do not leave it open as it can lead to split ends and breakage.

5. A Big ‘No’ To Brushing Your Skin


Do not think winter is the best time to clear out skin by giving it brushing. It is not good. It makes your skin become more dry. Chapped and scaly skin does not enhance your beauty but it only kills. So no brushing of the skin during Winter. Let it drink the oil.

6. Intake Plenty Of Water


It is very important that your body remains hydrated as it makes your skin fresh and lively. Drink plenty lot of water so that your body remains lively and fresh. It removes the impurities from your body, making you look young and beautiful even during Winter.

7. Manure Skin With Moisturizer


Apply moisturiser every day on your body after bath. It makes your skin become soft and supple. It leaves your skin clear and clean. Apply loads of moisturising cream/lotion on your body daily this winter. Buy moisturizers online from stores like Amazon, Nykaa, Purplle etc at slashed rates with huge discounts.

8. Wear Hats


Make sure that you step out of the house wearing a hat. It can help you to maintain your hair from getting too frizzy and unmanageable. Also, it can protect your face from the wind and the harmful rays of the sun.

9. Makeup – Use Dark Shades


It is good to use dark shades of colors during Winter. Go for smokey eyes, red lips and minimal accessories. It can explicit the fashionista within you this Winter.

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10. Wear Trendy Winter Clothes


Last but not the least, make yourself look stylish by wearing trendy and fashionable winter clothes. Choose the best from the varied of fashionable apparels from the Winter collections.

And now look at yourself on the mirror. I bet you would love to see that ravishing look of yours after so much of pampering of your skin.

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