10 Ways To Wish On Your Friend Birthday

Friends are always the part and parcel of your life. No matter what you are and what you do or even what you say, you can just get along with your friends and that too for no reason as well! Celebrating a friend’s birthday is something you wait for the whole year to come and you cannot miss it at any cost. You can even miss an exam but not your friend’s birthday.

Check out these 10 ways to wish on your friend birthday…

It will be a cheerful moment if you throw a surprise party for the birthday friend at a place which is not even in his imagination.

surprise bday party

Just imagine when your friend wakes up early in the morning to see all his friends sitting around him with a surprise cake and flowers? Awww…that moment is just so cute!

wake up wish on birthday

World looks at anything and everything through Facebook. A lovely wish on his/her timeline with some sweet kisses and a fondable picture is just perfect.

facebook wish

A gift says it all. Gift something that is beyond your friend’s wildest imagination. That will be indeed a great surprise.


Imagine proposing your friend on his/her birthday? Nothing can make it more surprising for him/her, making it the loveliest birthday in his/her life!


Remember to invite the person whom you think is that ‘someone special’ in your friend’s life. It will make him feel good for your concern.


Birthdays can heal broken relationships as well. Feel good to wish your friend on his/her birthday will make him the happiest friend.


Make the birthday wish go on air. Woww…hearing a special wish from a friend on air will just make your friend on top of the world.


Revive your past memories, childhood pictures, fights, treasured moments, travels etc and present it on your friend’s birthday to make him feel nostalgic. That would be great.


Last but not the least, any state of emotion can be conveyed with a tight hug. Wish your friend the loveliest birthday with a tight hug saying, “Happieeeeee Birthdayyyyyyy.”


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