Sachin Tendulkar – the God of Cricket, brings his Cricket innings to close this week,  here are, some of the less known interesting facts about the God which we have compiled.

1)      His father married twice, and Sachin was the son of his second marriage. Sachin was named after favourite music dir
ector – Sachin Dev Burman.

2)      Sachin was a bully in the school, and was famous for picking up fights. To curb his bullying tendencies, Ajit his brother introduced him to Cricket.

3)      Initially Sachin trained as a fast bowler, and attended a camp in Chennai. Dennis Lillee, the Australian fast bowler at the camp was unimpressed and suggested Sachin to focus on his batting.

4)      Sachin served as a ballboy in 1987 World Cup when India played England in a Semifinal in Mumbai.

5)      Sachin Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan as a substitute during a one-day practice match against India at the Brabourne Stadium in 1988.

6)      Sachin Tendulkar went to watch the movie Roja in 1995 with a beard and disguise.  And it all went wrong when his glasses fell off and the crowd in the cinema hall recognised him.

7)      Sachin Tendulkar uses a very heavy bat at the crease, weighing 3.2lbs. Only South Africa’s Lance Klusener used a heavier bat in world cricket.

8)      Once Sachin asked his friend to dip the tennis ball in a bucket of water and bowl at him. This way he could find out whether he was hitting ball from the middle of his bat.

9)      Sachin Tendulkar’s wife Anjali does not eat or drink whenever the Master is at the crease.

10)   Sachin carries India’s national flag in his cricket bag and also sports it on his helmet.

11)   Tendulkar is cross-dominant: He bats, bowls and throws with his right hand, but writes with his left hand


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