Have you ever wondered how much your mother does for you?

No doubt, every mother is an incarnation of God for a child. No words have the power to describe the sufferings and difficulties they face just to keep their child happy and protected. So, we must love and take care of our mother. This mother’s day on 9th May 2021, make your mom realize how much you love her. In this article, we will share 12 interesting mother’s day gift ideas for your mom, at the best price. So stay with us till the last and be ready to bring a smile to your mother’s face.

1) Personalized Mugs, Cards, Cushions for Mom

Personalized Mugs, Cards, Cushions for Mom

There are many types of personalized gifts you can give to your mom like mugs, cards, lamps, cushions, frames, clocks, and many more. There are sites like FernsNPetalsFlowerAura, and IndianGiftPortal which offer this service. You can use Mother’s day offer to get a 50% discount to save your money. You need to provide your image or text that you want to display in your product and they will create a personalized gift dedicated to your mom. These look amazing and can be kept forever in the memory of mother’s day.

2) Personalized Recorded Videos by Celebrities

Personalized Recorded Videos by Celebrities

Everyone loves celebrities and I am sure your mom too. She must have some favorite TV Actor out there. Imagine how she would feel if she got a personalized message from an Actor of her favorite serial (Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, or Saath Nibhana Sathiya, etc.). Sites like FernsNPetalsFlowerAura, and Wysh offer such kinds of services. You can get personalized messages from these celebrities at a price as low as Rs 400. Yes, you have read it right! Just look for favorite celebrity of your mom and get a personalized message at the cheapest price.

3) Musician/ Guitarist on Call

Musician/ Guitarist on Call

You can make your mom feel special by conveying your heart message through musician. Music can do wonders what words can never do. You can book a guitarist or any other musician you prefer at a price starting from Rs. 399 only and ask them for any personalized message you want to convey to your mom. Is not it a unique and interesting gift for your mom? She will surely get surprised by this unexpected present. You can further get additional discounts by visiting the link. Grab the best offer and do not forget to draft the special message you want to convey to your mom.

4) Kitchen Appliances and Home Essentials

Kitchen Appliances and Home Essentials

You can gift your mother some important kitchen appliances like Juicer and Mixer, Coffee Machine, Food processors, Rice Cookers, etc., the list is endless. You can look for appliances that are missing in your home which could make your mom’s life a ton easier. The best sites to get these appliances are Amazon and Flipkart. You can get up to 60% off on the home appliances. Just look for the best offers that suit you.

5) Makeup and Beauty Products

Makeup and Beauty Products

Every woman wants to look beautiful and loves makeup. Your mom is also not an exception to this. Perhaps in taking care of the family, she has forgotten her inner desire to look beautiful. Do not let the girl inside her die and gift your mom essential beauty and personal care products. You can get the best quality beauty products at a cheap rate from sites like AmazonMomsCoForrest EssentialsFlipkart,  etc. At Wow, you may get up to 50% discount on the products. Also, on Plum Goodness, you may find the Mother’s Day Sale offering discount up to 50%. Check these sites on our site to get the best offers and deals.

6) Jewelry 

Discounts on Jewelry by Swabhimann

If your budget is slightly high, then nothing can beat jewelry as a gift to your mother on mother’s day. Every woman loves jewelry, especially gold and diamonds. Just imagine the smile on your mother’s face when you will present her necklace or ring as a gift. You can get great deals for mother’s day on sites like Candere and Swabhiman Jewelry. You can find jewelry starting from as low as Rs. 1950. Select from a variety of options the most appropriate jewelry for your mother at the best-discounted rates. 

7) Watches

Wrist Watches for women

Wristwatches play a significant role on the subconscious level on the looks and personality of a person. Wearing a beautiful and classy watch can add weight to your persona. Hence, wristwatches would never get old for gifting purposes. Present your mom with a beautiful wristwatch and be a reason for her happiness. The best site to look for wristwatches is, no doubt, Titan. Get awesome watches starting from just Rs. 1495 . Find great deals and coupons and grab the perfect watch for your mom.

8) Fashion Products and Clothing

Women dresses at best prices

Everyone wants to look fashionable and attractive. The same is true for your mom also. Gift her the most stylish and fashionable clothes like Saree, Kurti, Salwar, Lehenga, etc. based on your mom’s liking and preferences. Choose from a variety of dresses and offers from sites like VeroModa , and Amazon. You can get awesome dresses starting from just Rs. 699.  Grab the best deals and gift your mom at an affordable price.

9) Women Footwear and Accessories

Women footwear and handbag

You can also gift your mom various types of women accessories like handbags, sunglasses, fashion jewelry, smart-watches, purses and wallets, body perfumes, and footwear like sneakers, sandals, etc. These all are evergreen products and are also of daily use. Your mom will love it using them and will remember that her child has gifted her this thing. You can get a variety of product lists and offers on Amazon and get up to 70% discount on your favorite products. Just look for the best offers and grab them.

10) HealthCare Devices and Health Supplements

Sugar level checking device
Pic Credit: Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Most of the moms neglect their health totally in taking care of the family and kids. Keep the health of your mom on track by providing her the important health supplements and devices. Healthcare devices like the digital thermometer, digital blood pressure meter, sugar checking device, etc. can help your mom to track her health. Also, you can give her health supplements like multivitamins, calcium deficiency tablets, etc. prescribed by the doctor to keep her healthy and fit. You can get the best offers on healthcare products on Amazon.

11) Electronics and Accessories

Electronic devices and accessories

If your mom loves to listen to songs, you can also gift her electronic accessories like headphones, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Most of the moms never demand a single thing, neither would she tell what she likes or not. But it is our responsibility to understand her likings and interest and present her such things. You can get up to 60% off on electronic products on Amazon and Flipkart.

12) Chocolates

Chocolates for mom on mother;s day
Pic credit: Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Last but not the least, if you are super confused and not able to decide what to gift your mother, you can simply gift her chocolates. There are sites like FernsNPetals and IndianGiftPortal that provide very good quality chocolate for gifting purposes at a price of  Rs. 399 only. You can check them and grab the best deal of your choice. But remember one thing, do not eat the chocolates you ordered for your mother by yourself.


So, if you are still with us, now you know 12 interesting mother’s day gift ideas. I hope that you may have got the vibes of what you should gift to your mom. But remember one thing, if you are presenting your mom with some gift on mother’s day, it does not mean that your duty towards her is completed. You need to love and take care of your mother every single day. Only then you would be able to make her feel special and happy throughout her life.

12 Interesting Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom Best Offers

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

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