Tips For A Healthy Hair

Everybody gives so much of importance to their face and hands and even legs. But, it has been noticed that very few takes time to maintain and attend their hair as well. Like our face, our hair is also a part of us, which plays a vital role in presenting us in the most beautiful manner to others. Just imagine we do a lot facial and treatments for our face and does nothing for our hair. At last, your face looks good but your hair looks frizzy and becomes unmanageable. How will that look be?

So, like our face, we should take care of our hair as well. A healthy hair is not that easy to get. You need to pay attention to a lot of things for a long and shining hair that is healthy as well. Here are 12 tips for a healthy hair.

1.Wash Your Hair Frequently

Wash Your Hair Frequently

Wash your hair frequently. It is better to wash it daily so that it can remove all the dust and dirt from your hair. If that is not possible, try to wash your hair on alternate days. Try to wash it with shampoo and conditioner that suits you the best. Apply oil before shampooing to avoid over dryness.

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2.Protect Your Hair

Protect Your Hair

Always protect your hair from dust, sun, wind and also rain. Excessive exposure to all these factors can make your hair wear and tear. You will also get dandruff and other infections if you don’t protect your hair. Hair fall can also occur due to this.

3.Cut Your Hair On Time

Cut Your Hair On Time

Make sure that you cut your hair on time. Always maintain the hair length. Unless you can take care of your lengthy hair, do not try to grow it. Cut your hair from the bottom once a month. It inhibits the growth of your hair.

4.Do Not Heat Your Hair Too Much

Do Not Heat Your Hair Too Much

Most of us use hair dryer to get our hair dried fast. But, using it every now and then is not good for the health of your hair. It can make your hair weak and it might break frequently.

5.Do Not Color Hair Frequently

Do Not Color Hair Frequently

Coloring the hair has become very common these days. But, it should be taken care that the hair should not be colored every now and then. You should take special care of your colored hair. Use shampoo for colored hair and always condition it. Use branded products on your hair so that your hair is protected.

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6.Do Not Comb Wet Hair

Do Not Comb Wet Hair

If you are so careful about your hair and its health, do not comb your hair when wet. Wet hair is weaker than a dry hair. So, when you comb a wet hair, chances of breaking the hair is more and it may lead to split ends as well.

7.Eat For Your Hair

Eat For Your Hair

Alike you take care of your hair with branded shampoos and other products, it also important that you give proper nourishment for your hair from inside as well. So, always eat healthy foods that give proper nourishment for your hair and helps in its growth.

8.Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

It is always good that you wash your hair with cold water. Hot water is not god for your hair. Cold or room temperature water is ideal to wash your hair.

9.Brush Your Hair

brush your hair

Always brush your hair from top to bottom daily. It brings the natural oil from your scalp towards the tip of your hair, thus nourishing it.

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10.Do Not Try Too Many Products On Hair

Do Not Try Too Many Products On Hair

Do not try and use too many products on your hair. It can damage your hair. Always use the conditioner of the shampoo you use as they have the same formula. Always try to moisturize your hair with a conditioner after every wash to look healthy.

11.Do Not Tie Your Hair Tightly

Do Not Tie Your Hair Tightly

Please take care you do not tie up your hair tightly. It can lead to breakage of your hair. And importantly do not tighten it when you are going to sleep as it can damage your hair.

12.Give It A Massage, Hair Spa

Give It A Massage, Hair Spa

It is good that you give your hair an oil massage or a hair spa at times. It can strengthen your hair and helps in glowing and shining.

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