13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalithaa

Yesterday (5-12-2016) was indeed a day of tension, chaos and distress among the people of Tamil Nadu. Till 11:30 pm, more than five crore people prayed for the comeback of their one and only leader Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalithaa. After a battle for about 75 days in hospital, the great leader surrendered to death yesterday at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai at 11:30 pm.

Before coming into politics, we all know that she was a popular actress in the Tamil Industry. Her chemistry with the late actor and leader MGR had created waves then and both of them were in news for gossips and alleged affair as well. It was MGR, who founded the AIADMK paved way for Jayalalithaa into politics. We saw her rise in power and her journey after that. But, there are some things which we did not know about this wonderful lady.


Here are 13 facts you didn’t know about Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalitha

1. Jayalalithaa was a rank holder for the SSLC examination and won the gold medal for scoring the top marks in all the subjects. She even won scholarships to pursue her studies but unfortunately, she was forced into movies by her mother who was also an actress then due to their financial crisis.


2. Jayalalithaa was extremely good in both cultural as well as in sports. While in school, she was selected for the district javelin and volleyball team.

3. Though she couldn’t complete her studies being a bright student, Jayalalitha had easy command over six languages – English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and even Malayalam.


4. She was bullied by her classmates during her school days, Jayalalitha was a loner at school and had very few friends to name. She always kept to herself from her childhood.

5. Jayalalithaa was a voracious reader. She was one of the rare actors in the industry who hardly mingled with anyone on the movie sets. She rather preferred reading books than talking to the people. She talked only when it was necessary.


6. Jayalalithaa was the most highly paid actress in India in 1966 after 11 movies became consecutively hits. She has acted in 125 movies in total.

7. She was a trained Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancer and has even learned classical music too.


8. History was her favorite Subject while in school and had dreamt of  becoming a lawyer.

9. Jayalalithaa used to dub for herself for all her movies, in all the languages she had acted. She has even played the role of a playback singer then.


10. She is one such person who had a very bright grasping power. She could easily by-heart the script and dialogues and even any text or concept within seconds.

11. Jayalalithaa has won seven Filmfare awards and six Tamil Nadu Cinema Fan awards for Best Actress.

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12. Jayalalithaa was the first heroine who appeared in skirts, knee-length dresses, sleeveless suits and gowns on screen in Tamil films in the mid-’60s.

13. In many interviews, Jayalalithaa had told that if she had not been into politics, she would have become a writer. In fact, she had written a few articles before entering into politics.

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