15 Best Evening Snacks For Kids

Kids are always tired and hungry while they are back from school. Mommies find it very difficult to manage them. Feeding them with some good and healthy snacks is the best way to make them cool and calm. But, most of the parents find it difficult to find a perfect snack to make for their children for the evening.

Children love to eat varieties. They do not like veggies, milk, rice and many other foods when given wholly. But, if you try to make a snack out of these, I bet they will eat the whole thing without even knowing the fact that they are eating something they never wanted.

So, try to make something new out of the things which are at home, to make a healthy snack for your kids. Here are some ideas of best evening snacks for your kids. Try them out and make your child have a smile on his/her face.


Sandwiches are indeed a healthy snack for your kids. You can try vegetarian or a non-vegetarian sandwich according to your kids taste. Add more veggies with mayonise sauce and a cutlet inside the sandwich, to make a perfect whole snack.


Vadas made from chana dal, toor dal, from spinaches are all healthy snack items for your kids in the evening. Grind all the ingredients well, so that your kid does not understand what is really inside.

Baked Potatoes

If you are a parent who is very worried about the usage of oil and fried items, you can try for baked items. Baked Potato is one such snack that be made in this category. See that it is not made very spicy.

Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes are yet another best evening snacks for your kids. It is healthy as well as it will be loved by your children as it is sweet.

Veggie Wraps

This is a highly nutritious evening snack for your kids. You can add any veggies inside the wrap. If the filling is tasty, your children will definitely ask for more.


Cutlets, both vegetarian and non vegetarian are good for kids. They are grinded to form the dough, which is then fried rolling over the flour or bread crumbs. So, children will love the taste for sure.


Muffins are a tasty evening snack for your kids. You can different variants as the ingredients to make muffins. Try to make it with different fruits to make the snack healthier.


Poha can be a healthy evening snack for your kids for sure. Try to add more nuts and dry fruits to it to make it healthier.


Cookies can also be a healthy snack for your kids. They need a change at some point of time from the regular snacks Apart from Muffins, cookies can be another choice.


Paniyaram can be a good snack dish for your kids. It is a tasty and yet healthy snack during the evening time.

Mini Pizza

Pizzas are always the favorite of all kids. Try to make a mini pizza for your kid, filled with chicken, veggies and cheese to make it healthier.


Make Kesari with rava/sooji, filled with ghee, cashew and raisins. It is indeed a great recipe for an evening snack.


If your child likes oats, then try to make oatmeal as an evening snack for your kid. It can be made differently by adding fruits, syrups and juices.


Barfi can also be a great recipe for an evening snack. Children will eat them lovingly.


Pakodas is another snack for your kids for the evening time. Try it in different variants to make and taste it different.

Nutella Sandwiches And Shakes

Nutella is one of the most favorite of all the kids these days. Try to make sandwiches and shakes with nutella so that your kids will love them.

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