15 Things You Didn’t Know about Bangalore

There are lakhs of people living in Bangalore from long years, but how many knows what the city is and what is the facts of the city. Be new or old to city, knowing about the place is very much important. First let us know about the Bangalore City in brief. Bangalore city has pleasant climatic condition which makes everyone better place to live. Eating, partying, and cultural is what best describes Bangalore city.

Bangalore City is first in India for introducing many services and facilities. You can find people of all languages and many states staying in here.  Bangalore City was built by Kempe Gowda I and the region was once ruled by the Western Ganga Dynasty of Karnataka. City had several names, and presently city is called as Bangalore or Bengaluru. For few people in India, Bangalore is considered to be settling place after retirement.  There is tropical savanna climate, and Bangalore climatic condition is suitable for everyone.

Well, here we are providing brief facts about Bangalore city. Let’s check out few facts and 15 Things You Didn’t Know about Bangalore.

  • For three lakhs, Bangalore was sold to Mysore Wodeyars by Mughals and was named as “Bengaval-uru” (City of Guards)
  • Bangalore is the first city in India to receive electricity in 1906 from Hydro-Electric Power
Image Source: merwynsrucksack.blogspot.com
Image Source: merwynsrucksack.blogspot.com
  • Bangalore city is first in India to have Electric bus to run on the roads and also south India’s first city to have Metro-Rail
  • In 2014, Bangalore was the first city to introduce wireless network that is free Wi-Fi hotspots at the localities of MG Road and Brigade Road
Image Source: sakhideshmukh26.wordpress.com
Image Source: sakhideshmukh26.wordpress.com
  • Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) service is first in India to introduce many types of eco-friendly, and luxury buses to travel within and outside the city
  • BMTC is considered to be first metropolitan transport corporation to introduce air-conditioned buses to travel within the city.


  • Other than party, transport, and free services, Bangalore city is well-known as a cultural hub and Kannada Film Industry located in Bangalore
  • In India, Bangalore City Police is among few departments to use Blackberry service and is first police force to establish in Karnataka State

Bangalore Metro4

  • City is well-known for its nightlife, said that Bangalore doesn’t sleep. Not like other cities where 12.00pm city shuts, Bangalore nightlife starts after 12pm and ends at early morning
  • Bangalore called as ‘Garden City of India’ and also called as ‘Pub Capital of India’ because  number of pubs are located in this city
Image Source: bookyourtable-byt.blogspot.com
Image Source: bookyourtable-byt.blogspot.com
  • Bangalore is a second-fastest growing major metropolitan city in India and called as “Rock/Metal Capital of India.”
  • Being a silicon valley of India, Bangalore city is considered as a top city among few cities of India to have IT Industry as primary economic resource.
Image Source: scriptures.ru
Image Source: scriptures.ru
  • The Forbes magazine considers the city as one of “The Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities.”
  • Bangalore has more than 250 lakes, and number of gardens located within city premises
  • The biggest statue of Lord Shiva and Hanuman in India can be found at Bangalore City
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