15 Ways To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Life Lasts Longer

Gone are those days when people used landline phones, which is now replaced with mobile phones. It is more convenient and portable and comes with a lot of features these days that owning the latest smartphone is a replacement for a landline as well as a computer for all the necessities. It shows the advancement of technology to the greatest extent. When mobile phones were initially invented, it had long battery life that could last for at least three days but, with more apps and features, it is a great challenge to keep your phone battery life last long now!

It is when you get an urgent call you realize that your battery life is below 30%! And you know the fact that attending a call with a low battery causes double radiation that can harm your body too. There will be many instances when you needed your phone to have some battery life, and it disappoints you. Keeping in mind a few tips, can help you a lot not to/reduce such situations. So here are 15 ways to make your cell phone battery life lasts longer. Some of them might be known to you already while might be new. Check them out.

1. Turn off your mobile once in a day – It is good if you switch off your mobile at least once in a day. It can help in boosting your battery life and save power!

2. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth/Wi-Fi is off while they are not in use – Keeping your phone’s Bluetooth/Wi-Fi on while not in use can drain off your battery just like that! So make sure you disable them after use.

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3. Run only needed applications in the background – Many people are unaware of the fact which all the applications are running in the background even when they are not using the mobile. Be aware that too many applications in the background kill your battery life.

4. Switch your cell phone to low power mode if your battery life is less than 30% – If you find that your cell phone battery is dying out, switch it immediately to low power mode to save your battery.

5. Avoid playing games, attending video calls, visiting a gallery or surfing the internet when your battery is low – Doing any of these activities can make your battery life die out fast. Why take a chance?

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6. Keep notifications and syncing on only for needed applications – Keeping notifications and syncing on for all the applications can make your battery die out quickly. Switch it off for unnecessary applications.

7. Keep your mobile phones away from high temperatures – Avoid keeping your cell phones at places with high and fluctuating temperatures as these batteries are made of Lithium and high heat can cause damage to your battery.

8. iPhone users can get a battery test if you face problems with your cell battery – Many iPhone users complain about their mobile’s battery life. If you encounter it regularly, it is good that you get a battery test done for your iPhone at the nearest Apple store.

9. Always keep your screen timeout to less than a minute – Having a screen timeout to a minute or more will do no good to your phone battery. Keep it to less than a minute.

10. Use vibrate mode only when needed – Keeping your vibrate mode on always can also decrease your cell’s battery life. Switch it on only when needed.

11. iPhone users should disable the Raise to Speak feature in the Siri settings – This feature drains your battery very quickly. So, it is always good you disable it in the settings.

12. Reboot your phone frequently – Rebooting your mobile phone frequently can improve your mobile battery life. Try it.

13. End your call immediately if you find your battery is low – It is better not to attend any calls if your battery is low. But, if it is unavoidable, make sure that you make your call duration to the minimum.

14. Do not leave your mobile phone for charging overnight – It is a fact that most of the people leave their cell phones for charging overnight which is not good for your battery at all! Probably once it in a while it can be implemented but do not try it on a regular basis.

15. Turn off your mobile phones at places where there are no signals – Your cell phone will work getting the nearest possible signal when you are at a place with less connectivity. It increases the battery usage and makes your cell phone battery drain out power soon. So, it is better not to use your mobile phone at places where there are no signals.

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