5 ATM Finding Apps To Check For Cash Availability

After the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000, there is a huge rush found in all the banks and the ATMs to deposit, to exchange and to withdraw cash. The people started panicking and they did not know how to handle the situation. We could only see a large crowd, in long queues in front of every bank, post office and the ATMs for cash deposit or withdrawal. In fact, there were deaths reported due to the huge rush and the long-standing queues! The rush is no way less compared to the first day. The worst part is in front of ATMs where people stand in long queues and they realize that the ATM has run out of cash when it’s their turn  and this is something that is happening to all. Needless to say, this has created a great havoc among the people and they are now clueless on how and where to get their money.

But, now there is a way to save your time and to know if the ATM you are planning to withdraw money has cash in it or not. There are a few ATM finding apps that will help you to know the availability of cash in ATMs, thus helping you to save your time and energy. Here’s a sneak peak into such 5 ATM finding apps to check for cash availability. Use them next time before you stand in front of any ATM to withdraw cash.

1. Walnut

Walnut was originally designed to help users with their expenses. But, due to the change in demand, they have now come up with added features in their app that will help their users to know the ATMs that have cash. It gives the real time update on the last active time for every ATM, the length of the queues, etc. In the map, the green color will denote the active ATMs with cash and currently active, orange color denotes the ATMs that were active recently and grey color denotes ATMs that were active few days before.


2. Cashnocash

CashNoCash website will help you to know if the ATM has cash in it or not, updating you with real time statistics based on user feedback. It also helps you to know how long the queue is in front of the ATM you are looking for to withdraw your cash. All you need to do is to log into this app and just give your area code and it will display the ATMs which has surplus cash, which is less in cash and which has no cash. A person can also log in to give the feedback for any ATM and sharing its status whether there is a long queue, has cash or has no cash! These feedbacks will be updated and it will be shared with other users who are searching for ATMs.


3. CMS ATM Finder

CMS ATM finder, which is the largest Cash Management and payment Solutions was the first one to introduce an app that will help users to find all the working ATMS near them. It alerts their users when an ATM runs out of cash or stops functioning. All you need to provide is your state and your city and it will give you the details of ATMs in the city.

4. locATM

If you want to know the status of an ATM in your neighborhood, then you can use the locATM app. This app too works on the user feedback and it gets updated based on it. So, a user needs to update the situation of an ATM if its crowded, has cash or has stopped working etc and it will be useful for others who are searching for the same ATM from the neighborhood.

5. Google SpreadSheet For Chennai

Now, all Chennai folks who are running out of cash, Click here to know the working and non-working ATMs in Chennai .

When all these apps help you to track the function of ATMs, long queues etc, there is hardly any method where one can easily get the money he wants. To ease the tension, all the people who were roaming in MG Road, Bengaluru were saved by a running ATM bus that provided cash to the people. Reports claim that around 800 people were benefitted with this ATM bus which had Rs.8 lakh. This unique service was provided by the Canara Bank to avoid the panic situation and it really served the purpose too! Mobile ATM were also seen plying in Chennai, and this provided relief there as well.

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