How To Pick The Right Coupon Site for Your Shopping

The entry of foreign players in India’s coupon market is just one more indication that this market is alive and kicking. According to a report released by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI) and IMRB, there will be some 243 million internet users in the country by June 2014, this is a massive figure. Coupled with the fact that the online retail in India is all set to touch $76 billion by 2021, you know why coupon companies like Groupon have landed on Indian shores.

The Indian consumer is growing up and has begun using online shopping for purchasing products. There is a perceptible increase in shifting loyalties, wherein the modern Indian consumer, who is perennially short of time and is always looking for a good deal, is taking the online route to buy products of choice, rather than making way to a brick and mortar store.

If you’re somebody who prefers shopping for products and services online rather than going to a store, you’ll want the best deals. You might be going through various online sites to check which site is offering the products you want, at the lowest rates. To get the best deals you might also be in two minds about using a coupon in order to get the best offers on the product you are planning to buy. If that’s the case, don’t worry, you are in good company. There are quite a number of online shoppers in India who do not use coupons, because they’re not very sure of the reliability of the various coupons sites plying their trade in the online world. Your doubts are actually well-founded, because there are a number of fly-by-night operators who’re operating coupon sites that do not deliver any value. They’re out to make quick buck.

So, here are 5 considerations, you need to keep in mind before you choose to do business with a coupon site, take a look:

1.       Research, Research, Research

Trawl the web to search for sites that offer free coupons. Look for articles that have named the top coupon sites; although you shouldn’t take the information offered by such sites at face value, it acts as a primer of sorts and directs you to some of the better sites in business. More often than not, it is the look of the site, and the options on offer, that will give a clue as to the reliability of the site. More importantly, check whether the site has Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages. Also make sure that the site has an email address and/or a phone number that it can be contacted at.

You can even get references from friends, families, and colleagues as to a great discount coupon site they’ve been using. Make a list of such sites and pick and choose from this list

2.       The Social Media Connect

Social Media has made and unmade the reputation of brands. Social media is a hub of interpersonal relationships, which don’t lie. So the question you need to ask is does the coupon site have a presence on social media, for e.g. a Facebook page? If it does, it means, it isn’t scared of feedback and is serious about its services and creating a presence in the minds of its target audience. Before choosing a site, why not access its Facebook page (if it has one); follow the conversations happening on the page and decide whether the coupon site is worth it or not.

3.       Does it Love its Customers?

Replace love with ‘care’? Always choose a coupon site that cares about you. How do you know it cares about you? It needs to have a forum, through which customers and even potential customers can hold forth on various subjects related to online shopping and deals and discounts. An open forum is one of the many ways a business can get feedback from people at large, get an idea about their needs and requirements and implement all the information it receives to deliver customer oriented products. The same thing holds true for coupon sites as well. A coupon site that cares/loves its customers will always try and offer the kind of coupons that its audience wants; and it will make it a point to know what they want through the forum it hosts.

4.       Should Have the Coupons You Want & Coupons that work

This is a logical point isn’t it? A coupon site must have the coupons you need. With so many coupon websites out there, you’re the king. So, do not be satisfied with the second best. Here’s an example, you want to shop at a particular online store in the festival season and are looking for a coupon that gives you a straight discount on the price, without any ‘conditions’ ( for e.g. 15% discount on a bill of  1500). In this case, the right coupon site for you is the one that has a coupon that helps you get this discount. You’ll need to make the effort to search for such sites.

Also, keep in mind lot of coupons sites may have expired coupons.  Only few sites test the coupons regularly, and store them for you.  This helps in saving you time as you are not trying coupons that dont wrok. The best coupon sites like are an example of such sites.

5.       Credibility is Everything

We’ve talked about social media, forums, and the ability to get and implement feedback; there is a common theme running through these points and that is credibility. The site that you pick should be credible. This becomes really very important when you’re asked to pay for a coupon. So, before you pick a site check its credentials; don’t worry! The World Wide Web will make it easier for you to do so. Ask yourself these questions, are people talking about it? Is it seriously promoting its products? Is it offering coupons of reputed shops/brands? Is it doing enough to improve its brand credibility? Are there any negative reviews of the site? The idea is to get every information under the sun about its credibility.

End Words

Why is choosing the right coupon site so important? After all, I am not going to pay any money to download a coupon, I will only use a free coupon; if that’s your argument, you’re not on the right track. The idea is to choose the best coupon site and not just any site. If you’re going to use a product, will it be something that is ordinary or the best; no prizes for guessing it will be the latter, so why not stick to this rule while choosing a coupon site. You need to choose the best there is and a site that meets your needs and requirements perfectly. This is why the 5 considerations in this article will come in handy.


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