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5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Obesity Myths

Obesity as we all know is a state of your body, where it accumulates a lot of fat or rather it is called overweight. It has now become a serious health issue in different parts of the world including the US and even India! Studies prove that even children are becoming more obese. China has been reported with clinical facts which claim that children are becoming more obese as they are fed more by their grandparents! Believe it or not, intake of more food can make you obese? OMG! Would be my reaction, means eating food can make you obese.

A lot of myths are ruling the minds of the people when it comes to obesity. People do believe these facts and gets panic once they are detected with any of those symptoms. Since it is regarded as a serious health issue, it has seeked a lot of attention as well as landed up with innumerable myths, which are also baseless I must say. These misconceptions about obesity have made the life of the people suffer more. Check out 5 facts everyone should know about obesity myths. Remember these are just the myths that have nothing to do with being an obese person…

 1. Obesity Reduces Life Span

obesity myths

If you are an obese person, there are chances that you have a short life span is just a myth! Obesity has nothing to do with your lifespan. There are also other misconceptions that say that an obese person is more likely to suffer heart diseases like a cardiac arrest or a stroke. Studies claim though diseases like heart attack, smoking and stress do have some linkage with obesity but there is no clear evidence which states how they are related?

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2. Obese People Eat A Lot OF Junk!

obesity myths

Now that sounds really funny. According to this, it is believed that only obese people eat too much of fat or junk food which is again yet another myth. Each one of us always consumes always a higher amount of fat than our body actually needs and it gets accumulated as well. So, we cannot claim that obese people a lot of junk food. According to Ben Mordecai, a fast food junkie turned health food snob: It’s far better to get most of your calories from fats than from carbs and proteins, and your energy levels, appetite, and blood sugar will be in much better shape.

3. Obese People Are Not Malnourished

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People are obese not because they consume a lot of such foods that provides them ample of vitamins and other essential nutrients needed for the nourishment of the body. Believe me; if you are not eating anything that should be useful for the proper functioning of the body, you are more likely to turn a malnourished even though you are suffering from obesity.

4. Obese People Have A Lot Of Unwanted Fat Deposit

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People believe that obese people gain a lot of weight due to fat accumulation in their body which is not true. Too much of fat deposit or too much of calorie does not really explain weight gain or even loss.

5. Obesity Is Related To Your Gene

obesity myths

This can be the nut breaker I must say. If you have obese ancestors, you are more likely to become obese? No way! According to Deborah Cohen, senior natural scientist at the Rand Corp, people eat more because they can. It has nothing to do with your genes. In a family, people who eat more from restaurants are likely to become fatty rather than people who eat from home. It is because restaurant meals usually have more calories than what we prepare at home; people who eat out more frequently have higher rates of obesity than those who eat out less.

Now that you are aware of the 5 facts on obesity myths, figure out what has lead to your obesity. Seek help from profound doctors. Avoid cheap and junk food and regulate your diet with nourished food. Proper exercise with the right amount of food can prevent you from becoming an obese!

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