5 Ideas To Create Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift


5 ideas to create perfect Valentine’s Day gift:

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you are all set to give him/her a surprise. Start with these simple ideas to make it extra special and to gift him the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

Cook his favorites: As its said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. You must be knowing what is his favourite dish. If not find out by asking his friends and families. Well nothing beats when a man cooks for his women. Its one of the best feeling and every women wishes the same.



Some ideas: > Small cup cakes: Cup cakes are easy to make and doesn’t take much time. In the evening, give him surprise with multi-color cupcakes with big smile and hug. You can check out Melissa & Dough Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set at Amazon. It’s a beautiful cup cake set including the golves, multicolor cases.   > You can even make beautiful brownies or chocolate desert to make it special.   > For a complete meal, depending on what he likes you can make something special. You can check out indianfoodforever or simpleindianrecipes for getting more ideas

Playlist: Nothing can set up the mood with perfect music. You know what kind of music he likes when he is romantic. Make the complete playlist for each day till Valentine day. Play it whenever he is around to make the very moment special. A good set of speakers certainly add to the mood. You can put all your collection on the pendrive and keep the list ready.


You can check the iBall SoundWave 2 Multimedia 2.0 Speaker at Flipkart. It has got great audio quality and good reviews. MRP is Rs.600 but you can get it at Rs.490 > Usually he must be having mobile where he always listens to songs and all. Get him an micro SD Card with all the beautiful pictures and musics. > You can also give him Sony MDR-ZX-100A Headphone which is one of the favourite among all the music lovers. Its one of the best when it comes to high quality headphones.

Self Compostion: Words are the best way to express your feelings for him. Write some of your compositions and dedicate to him. This will definitely make him feel very special on Valentine Day. The rhythm doesn’t matter but the message. > If you are not a good with long writing then write few beautiful lines and get it engraved on coffee mugs or key chains. This will always remind him how much you love and care for him.



You can even buy custom photo frame and gift him. You can get this at printvenue. > You can also gift him a custom calender and put together the best moments on it. Starting from January to December, for each month you put different photos showcasing your love for him

Fragrance Or Shirt: Men definitely loves to fragrance. A good fragrance can easily set up his mood. You already know what kind of perfume he loves. Get the best for him. At Flipkart you will always find a vast collection of fragrance. Usually Calvin Klein and Versace are very popular among men.


Moreover Flipkart is offering minimum 30% off on Fragrance collections as well. You can also gift a nice shirt for office or casual wear. Make it special with custom name or line printed on them. This way he will always remember this day whenever he puts on it. You can check out at VistaPrint for quality formal shirts as well as poloshirts. Choose the best design and put some custom symbol to mark your togetherness with him. A gift like this is surely special for any men and he will always remember the very symbol.

Gift Basket: Everybody loves surprises. Make a wonderful gift basket for him. Put all the things he was always looking for and give him a surprise. It looks simple buy you have to recall all your shopping days and find what was he/she looking for and couldn’t find.


If you are finding it tough, then check out the valentine day gift basket at Ferns N Petals. Now its your job to get those from wherever you can. This is one such day when he/she expects something special and your job is to make that happen

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