6 Things You Need To Avoid This Diwali 2016

Everybody is eagerly waiting to celebrate Diwali in the most exotic way by bursting crackers and lighting diyas. They are also waiting to taste some traditional sweets and other dishes that are made especially during Diwali time. This means all knows how to celebrate Diwali in the best way. But, there are certain things which one should not be doing during this time.

So, wondering what are those things? Check out 6 things you need to avoid this Diwali 2016 to make it the best ever festival…

1. Getting Drunk


Diwali is the time for celebration. There are a lot of people who will be invited to your house and the vice-versa. So, it becomes a moment for get-together, a time to share love, care, and happiness. Do not spoil the happiness by getting drunk or by getting boozed! Diwali is not the time for getting drunk. Avoid drinks and liquor during Diwali. Be the family guy.

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2. Say No To Gambling


It has been said that gambling is large part a form of a game that is played in some parts of the country as part of their celebration. But, our culture does not support gambling. So, do not play gambling during Diwali. You can go for dance, songs, etc that will light up the mood of the festival.

3.  Avoid Late Night Parties


Parties mark celebration. But, it is not a wise decision to prefer going out for late night parties and getting engaged with friends. It is a moment to be spent with your family. Avoid parties and prefer to be homely during this Diwali.

4. Avoid too Much Of Crackers


The bursting of crackers is a part of Diwali celebration. But, the air and noise pollution it causes are to be kept in mind. So, avoid too much bursting of crackers during Diwali as it can harm a lot of animals, birds and can pollute the environment.

5. Keep Official Duties Away For The Day

You might be a busy person but, it is important to give some time for the family also especially during festivals. So, keep all your official responsibilities and tasks away for the day and be the family man/woman. After all, family is the most important thing. A small lunch or dinner with your family can bring in a lot of difference, especially during festivals. You can also get some Diwali Gifts for your loved ones which will make them happier.

6. Wastage OF Food


Diwali is the time when you prepare a lot of food at home. And, there might be occasions when the family does not eat that much amount of cooked food. So, you are likely to throw away the food. Do not waste your food. Instead, you can donate it to those poor people around your house or on the streets. It’s an act of kindness which is worth a lot!

So, make this Diwali 2016 the most memorable, with loads of good memories and happiness. AdvanceDiwalii wishes to all.

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