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7 Exotic Countries You Can Travel In Less Than Rs.30,000!

Travelling is a passionate hobby for some people. For others, it is as important as their life. These people even quit their job just for the sake of traveling! Going to new places and exploring and re-discovering things are something that keeps ardent travelers happy and energetic. Budget is always a constraint for travelers no matter you are a solo or prefer group trips.

There are many countries which you can consider for a journey, and the budget will not be a constraint for these countries as you can explore any of them in less than 30K! And that is something amazing you can experience to visit a country with a limited budget. Interestingly, some of these countries do not need a visa to get there, and all you need is just a valid Indian passport! So, let us explore such countries that you can travel within a budget of 30k.


Thailand, as you know, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. This island gives you ample opportunities for enjoying a budget friendly vacation. You will be surprised to know that Thailand offers cheap budget staying options starting as low as Rs.600! Now, this is very much less expensive, and you can prefer staying in a dormitory/hostel/even a budget friendly hotel. As far as Thailand is concerned, it is famous for its incredible street food and you can fill your tummy with the least of Rs.60!

There are many places to see in Thailand including Bangkok, Pattaya and the coral islands. If you are very much keen on exploring the cultural value of this country, then you must visit Chiang Mai. Forget about the accommodation with Airbnb. It provides you with cheap accommodation with first class amenities.


Indonesia is rich in cultural heritage with spellbound nature beauty; You can plan a trip well in advance and can book the flights when there are offers to get them very cheap. Here too prefer staying in hostels which are comparatively very inexpensive. Indonesia also favors with fantastic street food which makes you taste the real Indonesian cuisine. Restaurants can cost you 600-700INR while street food joints will get you the authentic taste as less as Rs.120!

There are many must visit places in Indonesia that include Bali, Java, Jakarta, Sumatra and Yogyakarta. Do enjoy the amazing spa treatments including a fish spa that rejuvenate your mind and soul, the volcano tours, Bali village cycling tour, etc.


Taiwan is also known as Formosa and is very much known for beauty. This place is also will get you a budget friendly stay. The nightlife here is worth exploring, and there you can make use of the fabulous eateries available from the local stalls. They are simply yummilicious that you will stay back the whole night for it. You can get a cheap accommodation starting from as low as Rs.1000.

When it comes to the must visit places, do not forget to visit Taipei in the north to Tainan and Kaohsiung in the south. Make use of their rail services if you want to travel long distances.


Singapore is said to be the cleanest country in the world, a country that celebrates their culture in the most colorful way. A very high profile hotel will be expensive for you that might cross your budget as well. But, if you prefer budget hotels, you can get them for as much cheap as 800-1000INR.

Though Indian food is slightly expensive in this country, you can get them cheap at places like Chinatown food center, Maxwell food center or any hawker center where you can enjoy the good taste as less as Rs.500 – main course, drink, and the dessert all inclusive.

Singapore is indeed a beautiful place, and you cannot deny it. Enjoy the Singapore cruises for day excursions, National Museum of Singapore, Orchard Road shopping area, underwater word, and the Dolphin Lagoon.


Bhutan is also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragons or the Druk Yul. It showcases many unexplored and untouched natural beauty that is truly a wonder! It is not possible to get a direct flight to Bhutan and so you need to book your flight to the nearest airport and need to catch a bus to your destination. It can cost you from Rs.6500.

Bhutan is comparatively cheap when it comes to accommodation. You can get a good and decent guest house starting from Rs.500-600. You get food in vast quantity here. So order single and two people can share it filling your tummy. Make sure to visit places like Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, and Haa Valley.


Maldives is also a perfect place for honeymooners with fantastic water sports, beaches, and amazing seafood. Get the tickets when you feel it is the lowest. It is better to book it in advance. Enjoy the trip cheaper by paying it in the local currency. Going in groups will be cheaper as reviews say that rental boats are pretty

Rooms can be pretty expensive if you prefer the resorts. Go for the local stay and prefer the local cuisine. They are very much cheap as well.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is our neighboring country, but we are never interested in visiting it. This country is much similar to India and is a perfect home to beautiful landscapes and culture. There are a lot of dormitory facilities available in the country which is very much cheap. Some places offer good hotels at competitive rates starting from Rs.1000. You can rely on the local Sri Lankan meal with their special fish curry, which will cost you less than Rs.100.

Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Bentota are some of the must-visit places in Sri Lanka. Other recreations include boating, fishing, tea factory visit, Seetha Eliya garden, turtle hatchery, etc.

All these countries will get you an excellent vacation within your budget, less than 30k! Also, you can book hotels at countires online at Booking.com at the best prices using our deals and coupon codes. So, which is your pick?

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