7 Perfect Secret Santa Gifts You Can Buy This Christmas

Christmas is nearing and most of you must have already planned on how to celebrate this year. As we all know, Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ was born and we celebrate his birthday, thanking him for his immense blessings and for the sacrifices he made for the well-being of the world. Christmas is celebrated in various ways including singing Christmas carols, making of Christmas special cakes, wine, gifting, etc. We also play a lot of games and Secret Santa is one of the most popular among the many. This game was not that popular in India though but, now, gradually Secret Santa is becoming common among the people, especially among the students and the young corporate employees.

Secret Santa is nothing but a simple game where you become the Secret Santa for a person without his/her knowledge. Like the concept of Santa Claus whom we believe comes and gifts us with beautiful presents, the secret Santa remains anonymous, gifts his Santee each day with new gifts by giving him/her a clue to identify who is the anonymous Secret Santa. The Santee has to identify his/her secret Santa before the game ends. This game is basically a ten-day game that ends on the New Year Eve but can be played even for a day.

It is a very interesting game and people enjoy it a lot. This can make friends besties, enemies friends. Buying gifts for ten days is a big task indeed and probably fitting it within the budget and making sure that your Santee should love what you gift is important as well. If you are the secret Santa and is confused on what to buy, here is a list of 7 perfect Secret Santa gifts you can buy this Christmas for your Santee.

1. Santa Dolls & Soft Toys

Xmas gift ideas 2016

It might sound you kiddish when you hear dolls and toys as gifts! But, Santa dolls and cute soft toys in black and white can be a great gift of love for your dear one this Christmas. People have been buying things such as hummels, santa dolls, and Russian dolls as gifts for Christmas. They’re great for interior decor or as something to remind you of a person.Wrap them beautifully with a personalized note and clue for the other person and leave it on the desk without his/her knowledge. Stay back and you will be happy to see your friend look the gift with a beautiful smile and that is sure to make you happy! Buy Santa dolls and soft toys online from here.

2. Personalized Keychains, Mugs

Christmas 2016 gift ideas

Anything personalized is sure to impress the person who receives the gift, no matter what is the gift and who has gifted. A personalized keychain or a coffee mug will do a good job. It is a useful gift and isn’t pricey too. But, the impression it leaves is on a high note. Buy personalized gifts online from stores like Printvenue.

3. Wind Chimes

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Wind Chimes is a good choice. According to Chinese belief, if you gift someone a windchime happily, the receiver is sure to get good luck and happiness. The sound it makes is believed to remove the negative energy inside your house and brings in positive vibration. What more you can gift someone so special on Christmas? Buy Wind Chimes online here.

4. Mobile Covers & Cases

Christmas gift ideas 2016

There is nobody these days who do not own a smartphone and so there are plenty of accessories available these days. How about gifting a Mobile cover/case? You will get plenty of options on the kind of cases available and so choose according to the taste of your friend whom you want to surprise! Know his phone, his taste before buying the case and I am sure your friend will love this gift. Buy mobile covers at cheap prices online.

5. Gift Vouchers

Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2016

You can even consider presenting gift vouchers as a token of love for your friend if you think he/she is a shopping freak! There are a lot of online stores that provide gift vouchers including Amazon India, NearBuy, Titan, etc. Choose gift vouchers on food, music, shows, movies, etc.

6. Gift Hampers

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If your friend is a girl, then a gift hamper will surely do a great job. A basket full of flowers, chocolates, and a bouquet is sure to make her happy. For guys, solely a bouquet will serve the purpose. But, make sure that those are his favorite flowers. Arrange the bouquet on his table before he arrives leaving a note and it will make his day!

7. Assorted Gift Basket

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An assorted basket of dry fruits, fresh fruits, or seasonings is a good choice if you are not budget-constrained. This will be a useful gift indeed!

So, which one is your pick as secret Santa for your Santee?

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