New Year is just a couple of days away, and you must be wondering what gifts you can buy for your loved ones this new year. But worry not! We have brought you some of the amazing new year gift ideas that your family and friends will surely love. So stay tuned with us till the end as you will be enlightened with some of the best new year gift ideas.

1) New Year Cakes

Well, cakes are a must-have for any party or celebration. If you have not planned anything yet for new year’s eve, you can surely go for some adorable and tasty new year’s cakes. And the best part is, everyone loves them, especially the children. You will admit to the fact that having a cake at any celebration fires up the moments that are unforgettable for long. You can go for chocolate cakes, cakes with nuts, strawberries, or anything you would love. You may find a great collection of new year’s cakes at Ferns N Petals starting from just ₹500. So level up your new year party with an adorable cake delivered at your doorstep.

2) Flowers

Flowers are a great way to express our love and care for someone. A beautiful flower bouquet refreshes the mind and gives positive vibes to the person. Flowers can be a great gift option for a new beginning with the loved ones, forgetting all the bad memories of the past, and restrengthening of the bonds. You can go for different flowers like roses, lilies, orchids, or even mixed – each meant to convey different messages. Get a wide range of adorable flower bouquets at Ferns N Petals to choose from. Also, you get the one-day delivery option, so you get the most refreshing flowers in no time.

3) Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? So how can one forget about them when talking about the new year’s gift ideas. Chocolates can be one of the best gift options, especially for children. Also, you may find a wide range & variants of delicious chocolates with nice packaging. You can get chocolates crafted especially for new year gifting purposes in boxes and make them personalized with your message written on them. Your friends will surely be surprised to get such a tasty gift. Get these chocolates at Ferns N Petals starting from just ₹250 only.

4) Personalized Calendars

Calendars are the classic gift items for the new year and also a way to greet people. But personalized calendars can surprise your friends a lot. Do you remember in the past everyone who had given calendars to you were having some pictures printed on them? How would it be if you can have your own pictures get printed on them? Doesn’t it sound interesting to you? Now, you have the option to make a calendar personalized with your pictures. All you have to do is ask your loved ones to give you their best pictures and you are good to go. Provide these pictures at FlowerAura and they will deliver your personalized calendar. Your friends will be amazed to see such a gift.

5) Personalized New Year Cards

Just like calendars, greeting cards are also the classic but considerable gift option for the new year. New Year Greeting cards are an effective way to convey your message to your loved ones in an elegant way. It is a way to show your care and love for the recipient. They can keep the card with them forever and the heart-touching words written on the card will remind them about you. You can find attractive greeting cards online to choose from. Moreover, you can make them personalized by getting your picture and message printed on them. You may get your personalized message and picture printed on the cards at FlowerAura.

6) Personalized Notebook & Pen

Everyone uses notebooks and pens at some point in everyday life. So, isn’t it a good gift option for your loved ones? And it can be made even better if you can personalize it with your message and picture printed on them. This personalized gift will remind your loved ones about you whenever they will hold or use it. You may find an adorable personalized Notebook and Pen at Indian Gift Portal that comes in a nice box that makes it perfect for gifting someone.

7) Desk Organizer

Desk items can sometimes be very scattered and it becomes difficult to find some small items on the desk that get lost among the large items. So, a desk organizer can be one of the best gifting options for corporate workers who work all day long sitting on the desk. A desk organizer provides proper space for placing every important and unimportant item separately and can be very helpful in increasing the productivity of the recipient. That is why they may surely love such a product as a new year’s gift. You may find a wide range of desk organizers of different shapes and sizes at Amazon starting from just ₹200.

8) Fitness Band

Most people love to make new year resolutions, isn’t it? And one of the most common new year resolutions is to be fit. But all of us know that very few people stick to their resolutions even after a week of the new year. Don’t let your family and friends give up on their commitment this year. Gift them a fitness band that will help them track their heartbeat, calories burn, and much more. Be their true companion by showing you truly want them to be healthy and fit. You may buy fitness bands and smartwatches from Boat and Gonoise starting at very affordable prices.


New Year is an opportunity to reconnect with your family and friends, to show them how much you love and care for them, to forget all the misunderstandings, and to strengthen the bonds. So don’t lose this chance of showing your gratitude and affection for them. Give them any of the gifts mentioned above and they will remember you with the positive vibes in their heart.

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