Rice cakes and tangy soup. The best accompaniment to this gourmet dish is a lentil doughnut!

Reads the specials menu in Saravana Bhavan, New York. Still wondering what I’m talking about? it’s a good ol’ Idli Sambhar with Vade.

There’s no need to go to New York for a scrumptious South Indian breakfast!… I’m taking a stab at listing out my favorite idli joints in Bangalore… Additions to this list are welcome.

Specialty: Mallige idli

Mallige in Kannada means Jasmine and these idlis are dubbed Mallige Idli not because they are jasmine flavored.. but because it is as delicate and fluffy as a handful of Jasmine flowers.

Veena Stores

Address: 183, 15th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram

The final destination for some melt in your mouth idlis is what happens when you perfect the art of idli making over 37 years!


The menu is very simple: Idlis are the USP and to break the monotony they have a few items like chow chow bath and coffee, pongal, khara bhath, bise bele bhath. That’s it! They serve the food on environment friendly palm leaf plates.

Brahmins Coffee Bar

Address: Ranga Rao Road, Shankarapuram

Put this place on your list of “must eat” places in Bangalore.

Generous servings of coconut chutney for the idli and Vada. Again simple memorizable menu of a chow chow bath, upma and sheera.  Finish off with a cup of filter coffee that gives the place its name. Celebrities… also frequent the place Look whom I saw during my visit!


Speciality: Rawa idli

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Address: 14, Lalbagh Road

Some trivia – one of the USP’s of these iconic eateries of Bangalore is that they serve filter coffee in 2 silver coffee cups to this day.

Wondering why the 2? to toss and mix the sugar settled at the bottom of the cup. Why not use a spoon you may say – because spoons may scratch the cups and tarnish the sheen.

 MTR (2)-001

About the Idlis, seems the Rava Idli aka semolina Idli was invented by MTR and an alternative to rice idlis when rice was scarce during the World War 2. Be your own judge on which one’s better Rice or Semolina! Make a plan for a Sunday morning brekkie!

Speciality: Button idli and Green Masala Idli

New Krishna Bhavan

Address: Sampige Theatre, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram

When something’s already perfect, what happens when scale its size down? It remains awesome and gains cuteness!

 new krish bhavan new-001

Take a toddler and let them judge the button idlis. Mothers of fussy eaters will welcome this yummy invention.

Adults swear by the green masala idlis so be assured there’s something for everyone in this wallet-friendly place.

Specialty: Burger idli

Cafe idly

Address: 38, kenchappa Road Cross, Frazer Town, Near Everest Theatre

The blend of two good things- idlis and music. If that sounds like a weird combination, maybe you should reconsider.

Cafe Idly-001

They also serve Kanchipuram idlis, thatte idlis and their in-house invention the burger idli and a lot more variations of the humble idli – Kadabu and Kanchipuram Idly.

Specialty: Kadabu


Address: 2nd Phase, Near Ragi Gudda, JP Nagar

Kadabu, the spiced idli, steamed in a tumbler. You can’t help but stop by at Woody’s for a quick snack and a caffeine fix after a shopping spree at the Bangalore Central Mall.


Specialty: Sannas

Mangalore Pearl

Address: Coles Cross Rd, Frazer Town

Sannas is a Goan variant of idli. Mangalore pearl is best known for its seafood cuisine and serves up delicious and honest-to-goodness coastal fare. If you have a crush for seafood fare then visits Mangalore Pearl, which is also easy on your wallet.

 mangalore pearl-001

Specialty: Closest to home-made-idly

Balaji Veg

Address:  BTM 2nd Stage, MICO Layout, 7th Cross Rd

Yes! The idli’s here taste the closest to homemade ones!. Nonetheless, it is fabulous to taste.

The USP here is the Vadae. Personally if I could I would give them an award for the world’s crispiest Vadas!! You can eat the Vadas on their own, but I recommend the whole package – a plate of 2-idlis and 1 Vada.

Balaji Veg-001

Specialty: Thatte idli

Pavitra Idli Hotel

Address: Tumkur Road

This place is on the outskirts of Bangalore so only an Idli fanatic would care to drive down. They are flat idlis, a variation to the convex shaped idlis served with chutney and sambar. You will have to ask for butter per your preference, I never said it was for those watching their weight.


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