Add A Bit Of Sparkle On Your Wardrobe With Ethnic Gowns

The fashion sense of people has become very selective and trendy in the present scenario. Use of normal sarees, lehengas, skirts, kurtis and jeans have become very common. Women no longer prefer to wear these apparels at a wedding or any event as they find it repetitive. Instead, they intend to try something new always, that keeps them live and fresh in a group. It is at this point where ethnic gowns have taken up the position.

Ethnic gowns are becoming very trendy among the many apparels especially for a wedding or a party. Girls find them more appealing and fashionable rather than wearing a common anarkali or a salwar suit. Now, just have a look at your wardrobe. I bet you will only see a lot of kurtis, tops and a load of ethnic anarkalis and sarees. Just imagine your shelf with an ethnic gown in it. It can give that extra sparkle in your wardrobe and make you feel rich as well.

Now, let us have a look at some of the most popular and trendy ethnic gowns that are a must in your wardrobe. Check out for ethnic gowns in our online store Fashion And You, which is now offering discount upto 60% off!

Chanderi Silk Gown

chanderi silk gown

Chanderi Silk Gown is one of the most popular among the ethnic gowns category. It normally comes in full sleeve and has heavy work with thread or sequence at the top, on the hand sleeves and also at the bottom of the gown. It usually comes in all colors the most popular being in white, pink, green, blue and yellow. They look both modern and traditional. It is a perfect choice to wear at a big fat wedding.

Georgette Gown

georgette gown

Georgette gowns are a bit heavy ones with a lot of stone works laid on them. Usually they are best when worn sleeveless. You can have the sleeve stitched as well. They usually come with a stole that adds more charm to the gown, making you feel like a princess. Gowns without stoles are also available.

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Chiffon Gown

chiffon gown

These gowns add simplicity to the person wearing it. It is not a goddy kind that you normally see and is quite different from the Chanderi and Georgette gowns mentioned above. Though simple, they look elegant in style and usually come sleeveless. No stole is provided. White shades are more prominent in this material.

Velvet Gown

velvet gown

Velvet gowns are the normal gowns that are made in velvet material. They look a lot glitterier and have heavy work with sequins and sometimes with stones. They make you sparkle at a night party or at a wedding. These are also deprived of stoles. They are much into a fashionable wear rather than a traditional look!

Velour Gown

velour gown

Velour gowns are made with velour but, they will be having more of brocade work that adds to the beauty and charm of the gown. These gowns also come sleeveless and are deprived of stoles. They are trendy, stylish and yet ethnic in terms of its looks.

Velvet gowns also come with brocade work that adds charm to the apparel. They look trendier and you are sure to impress the crowd around you.

Now, you have to make your choice. Any material is perfect if you prefer an ethnic gown. The most common is of course the georgette material gowns which have heavy work on it. Myntra has a good range of ethnic collections. During New Year, Myntra is running End Of Reason Sale where you can buy your ethnic apparels at lowest price.

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