Apple Cuts Online Price Of iPhone 5S For Stock Clearance

Eversince Apple has announced their upcoming flagship smartphone iPhone6, news were doing rounds claiming that they are all set to make a drastic price cuts on their other latest devices including  iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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It has now been reported that Apple has tied up with Online stores including Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, offering price discounts on their iPhone 5S. It is said that they have cut the price for ensuring a clearance sale of their stock.


According to reports, T-Mobile has slashed down their 16GB iPhone 5S price from $640 to $600, which means the phone which ranged from Rs 46,000-47,000 in stores will be now available online at Rs 38,000-39,000. 32GB variant will now be available from $700 and 64GB to $800. Now, that is indeed a big deal for all the iPhone lovers.

As an explanation to the price cut, it has been said that Apple has made this new revision in the price as they are now looking forward to the upcoming launch of their new flagship iPhone6. We should remember that it is a common strategy adopted by Apple in the US and Europe.


Apple’s sudden focus on e-commerce have disappointed some of the major cellphone retail chains and one of the chief executive officer of a leading cellphone retail chain has even announced that they might stop selling iPhone as their sale in it has sudden dropped. But, there are certain stockists who have made negotiation with for special consumer offers.

As per reports, a part from the price variation put forward by Apple, the e-commerce sites have put their own discounts again to the product, which has now made a huge difference on online and offline prices.


It is said that Apple offers 3-4% extra margin to e-commerce which will be passed on to consumers as discount, apart from usual schemes such as 1-2% more margin if sales target is reached. Also,  modern retail and the exclusive Apple stores contribute around 20% each to iPhone sales in India, while e-commerce and general trade accounts for the remaining 60%. This has put the stockists in dilemma. So, we have a major reason why Apple has now suddenly turned to e-commerce.

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