Best 10 Food Blogs For Indian Recipes

It is a popular saying that good food is the best way to enter into a man’s heart. If you prepare tasty dishes and serve your husband, he is sure to fall for anything that you demand! Many have gained with their desires likewise.

Indians love to cook and eat. They always try for new recipes and dishes to impress their husbands, children or their in-laws. Whatever it is, most of them have been successful in establishing themselves in the field of cooking in their marathon to impress their family. Some have even started their food blogs where they share their recipe to others. Thus, they have become more popular in their talent.

Mostly housewives are keener into cooking experiments and exploring new dishes but, there are a few working women who are also interested in cooking. There are numerous food blogs that pave way for starters to try something different. Some of them are very popular among us while some are still budding to be one. Anyways, let us have a look at the best 10 food blogs for Indian recipes.

Manjula’s Kitchen

Manjula’s Kitchen

Every vegetarian must be aware of this food blog. This blog is owned by Manjula, a homemaker. She learnt the basic of cooking from her mother, who excelled herself as a good cook. After marriage, Manjula moved to the US, but she decided to concentrate more on her passion. She is solely into Indian vegetarian recipes as she is a Jain. She posts new dishes with the video that simply makes the beginners to learn it quickly. Watch out her blog page for more details and recipes.

Quick Indian Cooking

Mallika Basu


Quick Indian Cooking is a food blog owned by Mallika Basu. She is a good example for a food blogger who is a corporate worker, who is very keen in cooking. Check out her blog to explore new tastes and recipes.

Edible Garden

Edible Garden Blog

Edible Garden – the name only will tempt you to have a look what is really inside this food blog owned by Nagalakshmi. She is more popular as Nags, who works in Google and is specialized on South Indian recipes. When asked about the reason behind starting her food blog Nags replied, “One fine day I came across a food blog. I thought it was pretty cool. A month or so later, I had my own although I was barely cooking back then. A wedding, a husband, 2 relocations, a 10 kg increase in weight, and almost 7 years later, I am cooking much more and enjoying it.”

Sailu’s Kitchen

Saliu’s Kitchen

Sailu’s Kitchen is the best hub if you are very keen to learn Andhra dishes. Owned by Sailaja, the blog has numerous recipes on authentic Andhra dishes that make your mouth watery. Visit her blog here

Monsoon Spice

Monsoon Spice

The main specialty of this Monsoon Spice food blog is that it is a good space to start your cooking. You can learn everything here right from a simple recipe to the modern ones which are competitive with the advanced world. Owned by Sia, the blog features simple and elegant recipes.

Chef In You

Chef In You is owned and operated by a husband and wife, who are very much interested in cooking. They showcase all types of dishes in their blog that are simply mouth-watering!

Padhus Kitchen

Padhus Kitchen

Padhus Kitchen is yet another blog which showcases only typical Indian vegetarian dishes, that makes you go ooolaaalaa. Owned by Padma, the best part of this blog is that Padma first makes sure that all her recipes are tasty and unique to post it on the blog. Check for her blog here

Simply Tadka

Simply Tadka is owned by Preeti. You are sure to see some unique recipes from this blog that can make you fall in love with food instantly.

Swapna’s Cuisine

Swapna’s Cuisine

Swapna’s Cuisine is owned by Swapna, who did her home science for her graduation. Baking and wine making are her favorites. You can look for both traditional, contemporary Indian as well as western recipes in her blog. Have a look at her blog here.

Masala Herb

Helene D’Souza

Masala Herb is specialized in Goan food recipes. Helene D’Souza showcase ome authentic Goan dishes in her blog, which has become popular among the various parts of India now. Check out here for Gaon recipes

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