Who Is Best In Shopping; Man Or Woman?

Shopping is always something that everyone likes to do all the time. There are people who never get tired even after shopping the whole day. These shopaholics are like a nightmare to many including their parents, spouse, children, friends and even neighbors.

Now, the question is who is a more aggressive shopper- man or woman? This is a serious question indeed to be thought about. When we ask this question randomly to a group of people and we get different answers, which will obviously claim woman to be a more shopaholic than man. But, is that true in the real sense?


There are no statistics which claims that a woman shops much more higher than a man. In fact, a man gets more opportunities to shop than a woman. Now, let us throw light on some factors which can finally let us decide on who is the best in doing a fair shopping, is it a man or a woman?

It is seen that women take much interest in doing shopping when compared to men. But, they do it on a regular basis, in the sense they do shopping during festivals, parties, events and any other family related functions. They hardly do any shopping which can make them go bankrupt. But, there are instances which say that men do a lot of online shopping through their credit cards when compared to women.

Now, it is not always right to categorize people with the number of bags they carry after shopping. When we look more closely at things, we can clearly see that women are much better to do shopping, that can help saving money. Men go after only branded products and are hardly bothered about discounts and offers. Women are more precise about the price tags than men.


Women are more interested in doing a random shopping rather than doing a listed one. Men always prefer to go and shop exactly what they want to buy. They are not that interested to know if there are any other better offers in the shop for other products as well, which can be useful later on. But, women on the other hand, visit the whole store to find out which are the best products available to be brought under the lowest price.

Similarly, there are instances where we see that men do shopping in a hurry. Isn’t that true? Many women have experienced the same while they go shopping with their husband or dad. Men will select their set of favorites in a prick of time and will nag you until you finish it off quickly. They sit either idle or is seen getting bored when women are busy shopping.


Men are always confused when they want to buy only one item. I personally have witnessed men getting confused over selecting shirts. They get so confused that they finally take the help of a girl or woman standing nearby to help them with the best. Women too get confused over which one to select but, not as much as men!

Now, all these factors are applicable when it comes to offline shopping. When it comes to online shopping, it is a tie. Both men and women are equally good in shopping online. Both men and women have knowledge on online shopping and its advantages. The fact is that women make use of it more than men.


Summarizing, both men and women are good in shopping. But, men are less patient to spend time on shopping. They are more quick and precise on the things to buy. Women are more interested in shopping things which are affordable as well as worth. They take hours in doing shopping. That is the only difference people can find. But, the fact is that the answer is yet to be found out as the this debate will never end!

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