Blackberry To Launch Passport Smartphones On Sept 24

Blackberry, who was the biggest smartphone makers earlier, has finally decided to launch their Passport Smartphones on September 24. Passport Smartphones will have a physical keyboard and a square screen which makes it named Passport. And, Blackberry has decided to price it for $599, which is much lesser when compared to their rival smartphones.

Blackberry admits that they have lowered the price to bring back their lost market. It has been priced $599 in the US without any subsidies. Blackberry CEO John Chen said that the phone will be priced differently in other countries based on the taxes and tariffs in each.

John Chen also added that Passport Smartphones are supposedly to be priced for $700 range, but he said that they have priced it lower to capture the market and bring back their lost glory.

It is to be noted that Blackberry’s rivals have their phones at a higher price. iPhone 6 starts for $649 and iPhone 6 Plus costs $749. Both of these prices are without a contract. Samsungs’s Galaxy S5 smartphone was priced in the US for $650 last year. So, Blackberry has really brought down their price for their Passport Smartphone.

Now, let us have a look at the features of Blackberry’s Passport Smartphone…

It has a 4.5 inch square screen with their signature keyboard. It is to be remembered that their 10 smartphones flopped terribly in 2013. So, they are trying to focus more on customer friendly innovations on their phones. Mr Chen said that they expect the large screen to be more appealing to customers who are in search of productive phones. The Passport’s screen size and high resolution allows users to view 60 characters on each line. iPhone and Galaxy do not have the support for so many characters. This is an advantage of Passport Smartphones over their competitors.

The battery of the Passport Smartphones will last for 36 hours. Keyboard can be used for scrolling down the contents of the screen. BlackBerry plans to launch the new phone simultaneously in Toronto, London and Dubai tomorrow. They also plan to deliver the phone in other stores including Asia markets in another two weeks. Apart from these, Blackberry also plans to launch their latest version in device management software most likely by December. It is designed in such a way that it will be more appealing to its fans for the keyboard and email services.

Mr. Chen said that Blackberry failed to spread a firm ground in Asia, excluding Malaysia and Indonesia. “I think there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in both Southeast and North Asia. Next year the focus has got to be on growth. Growth comes from vertical products. Better phones, newer technology.” he said.

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