Bollywood Celebrities And Their Controversies

Bollywood is the dreamland of all Indian actors. All wish to hold a place in Bollywood. It is because it has the power to make you reach your dreams. Though it is the final destination for all stars, it has many ups and downs. And one of the main downs refers to the controversies that each star has to face for something they have done or may not have been involved.

Bollywood is famous for its star valued actors as well as for the controversies. Each industry has controversial incidents and happenings. But, the fact is that it becomes more popular in Bollywood as people are too keen to know the Bollywood inside stories.  Now, let us have a peep into the life on some Bollywood celebrities and their controversies…

Deepika Padukone

To begin with, let us start with the latest controversy. Deepika Padukone was involved in a rift with one of the leading newspaper daily after they published her picture, highlighting her cleavage. Deepika found it so insulted and blasted back at the daily through Twitter. You all must be aware of this news and the follow ups. Apart from that, her affair with Ranbir Kapoor and their split also had made Deepika in the news.


Hrithik-Suzanne Divorce

All fans and the industry were shocked to hear that news claiming that Hrithik Rosshan and his wife Suzanne Khan are getting divorced. It is still a shock for most of his fans. Now, they have got separated and Suzanne has got the custody of the kids as well.


Jiah Khan’s Death

Another shocking controversy was with respect to the suicide of actress Jiah Khan. Her mother claimed that Suraj Pancholi, her boyfriend was responsible for the death of her daughter while his parents said that their son had not had any interest in Jiah Khan at all. The case is still on.


Katrina-Ranbir Affair

Soon after his split with Deepika, Ranbir Kapoor was rumoured to have an affair with none other than Katrina Kaif. They were said to be in a close relationship soon after pictures of both enjoying a holiday leaked out.


Shahrukh Khan & Priyanaka Chopra Affair

Nothing was so complicated for SRK and Pee Cee after a rumour hit their lives claiming that they are in a relationship. The news created waves in the industry and there were photographs which made this statement even stronger. But, now everything has been settled.


Sunny-KRK War

There was a serious Twitter war against actress Sunny Leone and Kamaal R Khan. Later, even that too got settled after a stir of fire.


These are some of the most shocking controversies that shook the industry in a recent time. Many more are in the list but nothing seemed to be valued more than these. So, what you think was the most controversial happening in the industry in a recent time? Share with us in the comment box below.

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