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Photography is an art of creativity. Love and passion makes beautiful photography. In every click of the camera capture the god gifted natural beauty of your surrounding environment. For some photography is a hobby, for few its a addiction and for some its a profession. There are wide variety of photography professionals who work in wildlife photography, fashion photography, nature photography and much more. For all these professional photography, having a good and high-end quality camera is needed.


There are two types of cameras available in the market of technology. The types of cameras includes, digital camera and DSLR camera. Professional photographers use DSLR Cameras, it gives point and shoot feature where you can capture tiny subject very clearly with no blurriness. You can also capture the best photographs from digital cameras but the clarity that DSLR gives cannot be compared to digital cameras.

Things to know before buying the DSLR Camera:

The flexibility of DSLR camera is an important aspect to consider when buying camera. The camera lens allows a photographer to see the world in different possibilities. There are different types of lenses available with different focal length. With different types of lenses, high-quality photographs and videos can be taken in any environmental setting. In addition, filters, flashes, and other large range of other accessories can be used in DSLR cameras adapted to many different situations.

Image Quality is the first thing that has to be seen in DSLR cameras. The image sensor plays an important role in getting a beautiful picture. This type of cameras, there is a wide array of ISO settings which adapts and gets flexibility in shooting in different conditions. The image sensor in DSLR uses high-sensitivity ISO 1600-3200 along with faster shutter speed. With this dynamic capacity, capture every moment incredibly beautiful without any vague impression.

While taking snap in any condition, Manual Controls are also to be considered. Each DSLR camera has manual controls that are designed to provide the best photography experience to the photographers. You can control the setting of a camera accordingly to the environmental condition of a subject that has to be captured.

Batteries and Memory Card are the aspect that has to be considered when buying DSLR or any other camera. The camera that you have brought has less capacity battery and less space storage capacity, then with this you cannot enjoy and capture photographs as many as you wish.

It’s very much important to know about the lens before knowing more about the DSLR camera. In DSLR cameras lenses plays an important role. You should know about the focal lens and zoom lens that has to use for taking certain pictures. Focal lens shows the angle of a subject, how much to capture, and the magnification of a subject. Whereas the zoom brings the subject closer allows clearer view to capture. To give you the idea of focal lens here is types of lens that are used for particular capture.

The types of lens includes:

Standard Lens :


Standard lens offers 35mm and 85mm focal, through which you can capture portraits of good quality. This type of lens is ideal for those who are beginners in photography.

Wide Angle Lens:

Wide angle

Wide Angle Focal Lens is a perfect one for landscapes and best to make a documentary photography. This wide angled lens offers 28mm focal or less which is ideal to capture interiors and landscapes.

Telephoto Lens:


Going for a safari? Travelling to mountains or forest for a vacation or trekking? Then use telephoto lens which offers from 100mm to 300mm focal, ideal to shoot sports, portraits and wildlife photography.

Well, below is a list of pricing offered for DSLR Lenses by best online shopping sites in India

Lens Price Online Canon Camera Lens Nikon Camera Lens Sony Camera Lens Fujifilm Camera Lens
Flipkart Rs. 7755 And Above Rs. 5590 And Above Rs. 7990 And Above Rs. 33990 And Above
Amazon India Rs. 7,755 And Above Rs. 6100 And Above Rs. 7730 And Above Rs. 5625 And Above
Snapdeal Rs. 11990 And Above Rs. 5549 And Above Rs. 13006 And Above Rs. 52066


Buy a DSLR Cameras In India:


When you think of buying a camera, the main question that arises is where should I buy? The answer is simple either you go for street store where you will find various top branded shops selling DSLR Cameras. Instead of street shopping, you can also opt for window shopping that is buying in online shopping sites. When you compare with normal shops, here in online you will get camera stuffs at a cheapest price. There are various leading online shopping sites in India that offers this DSLR Cameras for a cheapest discounted price.


Here is a table of content that shows the pricing that are offered in the best electronics online shopping sites in India.

Online Stores Canon DSLR Camera Online Price Nikon DSLR Camera Online Price Sony DSLR Camera Online Price Fujifilm DSLR Camera Price Online
Flipkart Rs. 23456 And Above Rs. 24200 And Above Rs. 26870 And Above Rs. 1399 And Above
Amazon India Rs. 26450 And Above Rs. 25155 And Above Rs. 26300 And Above Rs. 12499 And Above
Snapdeal Rs. 22444 And Above Rs. 24869 And Above Rs. 24426 And Above Rs. 34999 And Above


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