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What To Buy In November?

November, the eleventh month of the year, brings us joy and happiness. The end of this month will make us happy as we will be nearing Christmas, the biggest celebration for the year and also the New Year, which marks the beginning of new hopes and desires. Most of you must have already planned for a big fat shopping to celebrate Christmas as well as New Year. Some of you have planned for a holiday and may be some of you are still trying to figure out what you exactly want to do to make this year end a beautiful and memorable one.

Almost everyone would have listed shopping as one of the main task. November makes us feel the cold weather and all of you are sure to check your wardrobe to see if your woolen clothes are still good enough to be used. Or else, you must have bought one already to fight the cold weather and to keep yourselves warm.

There are certain things which you can buy in the month of November other than the woolen clothes. When we look at countries like the US, people do a lot of shopping during this time. One main reason is the coming of Christmas which is the biggest celebration for them. But, this is not the sole reason. Another reason is the unbeatable offers the month provides to the customers. Half price sale and flat sale discounts are available for all products, even for the branded! People will peek more into any store that offers more discount. Now, this is applicable to both online and offline stores. If you are patient enough, may be you can have a detailed study about the pricing of your product both online as well as offline, to decide how should to buy it.

In India more shopping happens during any festive season both online and offline. Though November is not a festive season this time, there are certain things that you can buy with effective cost. You need to be aware of the things that you need exactly for the month and should purchase only those things that you need. Random purchasing will not be cost effective and finally you will land up in buying so many things that are of no use. Now, let us have a look at some of the things that you can consider buying in the month of November.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are one of the best things that you can think of buying this month. Most of them are at discount price. Since the GOSF is nearing, you might see more discounts coming your way in another two weeks. If you are not that patient enough, still you can opt buying new mobiles which are having worth discounts. Online sites like Flipkart, Amazon are offering discounts on selected brands.


Anyways Christmas is nearing and you should be buying many gifts for your kith and kin. The offline stores might start gathering new stuffs from the beginning of December. If you have plans of getting it ahead of time, probably this is the best time to shop it online. There are already offers available for gifts in various online stores. You check for specific gifts by filtering it with the help of Giveter, which will guide you to grab the best gift with best price.


Irrespective of gender, Cosmetics is one thing that you buy everytime. You may get slight offers in offline stores with a minimum of Rs.10 to a maximum of 20% off on MRP. It is suggested to do these shopping online, where you can grab it either for free or may be even at an unbeatable price! Though it may sound joking, there are offers which give you free sample products as well as discounts that will ultimately land up in buying the product free! Check out our Nykaa store to buy cosmetics with good offers.


There is no particular time to buy apparels of course. The occasion demands it always. If you want to get dressed up for a wedding happening this month, there is no logic in waiting for a big sale that is supposed to arrive after a month. The month of November has some good offers for apparels as well. Shop online from stores like Fashion And You, LimeRoad, Fashionara, Zovi, FreeCultr and many more give offers all the time.


Footwear too is as important as your outfit. You need to buy new footwear to make it sync with what you wear for a party or a wedding. Online as well as offline stores give offers during festive season. But, if you want to buy this month, there are pretty good offers riding on popular online sites like Metro Shoes, Myntra, Snapdeal and many more. Metro offers 40% off on footwear; Myntra offers 70% off on footwear.

These are some of the things you can try buying in the month of November. May be you can postpone your plan for buying things for your kitchen, kids, interior accessories, electronic goods etc., unless that is too important. The GOSF is all set to start on 10th December till 12th December. Grab the best deal for your needs for all the items you want to buy then. So, keep shopping happily!


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