Check Out 10 Best Gift Ideas For Baby Shower Ceremony

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful thing a woman experiences in her life. That is why baby shower is celebrated in a grand style these days; just to make aware that both mother and the baby need to be happy even before the delivery. In fact, baby shower ceremony wasn’t that popular in India earlier but, now things have changed and now people do celebrate baby shower.

Now, for all those who do not know much about baby shower ceremony – Baby shower is nothing but a function hosted in order to celebrate the arrival or the birth of a new born by giving gifts to the mother. For this, a party is hosted and all the well-wishers club together to congratulate the mother and the to-be or the new born baby.

In short, presenting gifts to the mother can be cited as one of the most important happening in this function. The word shower signifies showering the pregnant mother with gifts! In the US and other foreign countries, baby shower is celebrated in the most graceful way, making the pregnant mother become the centre of attraction. Now, it has become slightly popular in India as well. Here are certain gift ideas for baby shower ceremony. Check them out


This is one of the most common and usual gifts that an expected mother usually gets. It makes the mother happy as well as it is a useful gift. Check out for more baby products FirstCry.

Blooming Bath

Blooming Bath is yet another perfect gift during a baby shower ceremony. It is nothing but a cute cuddled baby bath tub. It is very soft and will keep your baby safe even while bathing!

Baby Bean Bag

Baby Bean Bag is also a great idea of gift for baby shower. It makes your baby sit, sleep, and play in a comfortable way. Check out more in BabyOye as well.

Rolling Travel Carrier

It is a useful baby shower gift. It is one of the easiest and safest modes of transportation for babies. Expecting mommies would love to get such useful gifts.

Bouncing Cradle

Apart from normal cradles, it is good if you could gift a bouncing cradle. It has five unique motions and this helps mothers a lot. It can even play music.

Baby Bjorn

This is another useful gift for expected moms. It helps them carry their baby safely. It is more useful while travelling.


Boppy can be a useful gift for all breast feeding mothers. It can give mothers a support while they feed their baby.

Onesie Bouquet

Flowers can make the baby shower a spectacular one. Onesie bouquets can the most inexpensive gift during a baby shower function.

Play Mat

Play Mats can be another useful gift idea during baby shower. It is useful to make the baby lie down and play on the floor. It is available in various colors and shapes.


Booties can also be a perfect gift for baby shower. These cute booties are available in different colors and sizes. They will help in supporting the growing feet of your baby.

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