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Check Out 29 Popular Desserts From 29 States In India

India is probably the only state which is said to have to a unity irrespective of the diversity it has. India has 29 states which are different from each other with respect to tradition, custom, religious beliefs, costume, food and even climate! In spite of all these, India has been successful in establishing a unique place due to the unity of the people residing here. Apart from all the mentioned areas, the states have their own desserts too which they make it during their special occasion.

Each state has a unique festival to celebrate. They dress up in their traditional costume and make their traditional dishes and desserts for celebration. Let us have a look at those 29 desserts from the 29 states in India, which are unique in taste and different in look as well. Myself being a South India, let me start from there only…

Pal Payasam

Pal Payasam is one of the most important desserts in Kerala. It prepared during all the important functions and celebrations. It is a kind of kheer made with broken rice, milk and sugar. A small amount of ghee, cashew and raisins along with a pinch of elaichi is also added for flavor.

Andhra Pradesh

In fact, I had to search and find how this unique dish Pootharekulu Kunda was prepared. It is so difficult to make this recipe but reviews claim it to be yummy. It is nothing but a sweet which is made by pouring starch on a pot which is very hot and then to take out that thin layer of starch which is cooked to wrap it with ghee, cashew, sugar or jaggery. You can add anything to fill the stuffing inside. It just melts in your mouth!


Karnataka is famous for Mysore Pak. The sweet itself bears the place of origin, which is also famous for various other reasons including tourist place. Mysore Pak is made with besan, ghee and sugar.

Tamil Nadu

Pal Poli is one of the most common dishes in Tamil Nadu. These are maida rotis deep fried and then immersed in milk which has been mixed with condensed milk and saffron.

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Boorelu is one the most popular desserts in Telangana. It is made from Bengal gram, jaggery, coconut and elaichi powder, which are dipped in rice and gram dal batter and then deep fried.

West Bengal

Mishti Doi is the most popular desserts in West Bengal. It is nothing but sweetened yogurt.


Bal Mittai is cooked khoya balls which are rolled in sugar. It is so yummy.

Uttar Pradesh

Malaiyo is one of the popular dishes in Uttar Pradesh. It is popular during winter. It has a thick texture but just melts in your mouth.


Tripura has a unique dish as their traditional dessert. Named Awan Bangwi, it is made by mixing sticky rice, cashews and raisins sauted in ghee. This mixture is put in cones made of banana leaves and is steamed.


Sael Roti is rather is street food item in Sikkim. It is made from grounded rice, ripen Banana and sugar.


Malai Ghewar is the popular dessert in Rajasthan. It isa round shaped sweet made of maida, milk and ghee. It is made usually during religious festivals.


In Punjab, they have everything related to milk and lassies. But, yet they do have other stuffs as well. The most popular in the place is nothing but their Badam Milk, which is flavored with saffron.


Odisha has many unique dishes. One of their unique desserts is Chenna Poda. It is made from baked ricotta cheese.


Nagaland has its popular dessert which is made from sticky black rice. When it is cooked, it gives off a purple color. The dish Nap Naag is made from sticky black rice, milk, sugar and water.


Koat Pitha is the most popular dish in Mizoram. Made up from rice and banana, the two ingredients are mixed with jiggery and then is deep fried in oil.


Pukhlein is better known as the sweet bread in Meghalaya. It is similar to the Koat Pitha of Mizoram and is made similarly.


Madhurjan Thongba is the popular dessert in Meghalaya. It is made from besan dumplings and dropping them in thick, sweetened milk along with some fresh coconut.

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Puran Polis is the traditional dessert made in Maharashtra. It is made by boiling chickpeas and adding jiggery inside the poli, which is made of flour, milk, and ghee.

Madhya Pradesh

Mawa Batti, the prominent dessert in Madhya Pradesh is made from Mawa, sesame, cardamom powder along with ghee.


Malpua, which is made from banana, flour, milk and sugar is the most popular dessert in Jharkand.

Jammu And Kashmir

Shufta is made using dry fruits, sugar, and saffron, with an added touch of cinnamon and pepper. It is a great experience to see the dish only!

Himachal Pradesh

Dabbroo is the most popular dessert in Himachal Pradesh. It is similar to pancakes and are made using wheat, ghee and milk.


Aloo Ka Halwa, which is the popular dessert in Haryana, is made from potatoes, which is boiled and mashed with pure ghee.


Basundi is the most common dessert in Gujarat, which is prepared for their celebrations. Almonds, pistas, and saffron are added to the thickened milk.


Bebinca is the most special dessert in Goa, which is made from a huge process of layering. Egg, flour, coconut milk and nutmeg are used to prepare this dessert.


Dehrori is made from rice and molten rice syrup. It is made during all special occasions.


In Bihar, Thekua is the most popular dessert which is made from wheat flour, jaggery (or sugar) which are mixed together, moulded and deep fried.

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Assorted Pithas are one of the most common desserts in demand in Assam. It is made from rice and is prepared either by baking, deep frying, steaming or even roasting.

Arunachal Pradesh

Khapse is a variety of sweet biscuits made from flour, butter, eggs and sugar. It is deep fried and served in many shapes.

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