Check Out 10 Makeup Essentials To Look Glam This Winter

To look beautiful any season is a tough job indeed! And, especially when it comes to winter, this season brings in a lot of skin related issues which you cannot escape. A lot of women face a lot of problems with their skin during winter season, the major one being the chapped and dry skin. Some get skin rashes while some others get chapped and dull skin.

Makeup can help you out to an extent to look good and beautiful even during winter but, you should be aware to use only some products. Every product does not suit your skin for the season and so, you need to pick products accordingly. Check out 10 makeup essentials to glam this winter without much effort…

1. Moisturiser


Your skin will need a lot of them this season. Apply moisturiser on your body daily to avoid your skin from getting dull and dry. It can make your skin become soft and supple as well as it will also not leave your skin over dry. Let your skin drink it throughout this season. Buy it online from Nykaa or Purplle.

2. Face Cream


While your body will be pampered with moisturiser, let your face get the goodness of any face cream. Apply it evenly on your face so that it does not leave any dryness. Avoid using soap during this season on your face.

3. Compact Powder


It is better to avoid foundation for any kind of makeup during winter. It can make your skin go dry and even worsen your skin tone. Damp a little of compact on your face so that your face looks fresh and perfect. Make sure that it syncs with your skin tone.

4. Eye Liner


No makeup is complete without beautifying your eyes. Highlight your eyes to the maximum. You can prefer smudge free kajal as it will not wash off even when you get wet in the rain. Buy Colossal Kajal from Maybelline at affordable rate from Flipkart.

5. Lipstick


Lipsticks are again the best partner for any woman during this season. Use any dark shades for winter and make it look glossy as well. It can help in enhancing your face as well even for day or night parties. Choose any red variants or magenta shades for your lovely lips this winter season.

6. Concealer


Concealer is an inevitable thing when it comes to makeup essentials. You cannot hide your blemishes, uneven skin tone etc without the help of concealers. Before applying compact powder make sure that you hide all your blemishes with a concealer. Also, make sure that your dark circles are also hidden.

7. Lip Balm

Lip Balms

A lip balm is a must during winter season. It helps in moisturizing your skin, keeping it soft and supple. Always apply lipstick after applying lip balm so that the color of the lipstick stays for a longer time. And you will also be deprived of chapped lips. Buy Baby Lips lip balm via Snapdeal at the lowest price!

8. Hand And Foot Cream



Apart from applying moisturizer, make sure that you pamper your hand and foot with hand and foot cream twice daily so that it remains moisturized. There are chances of your heels getting cracked during this season.


9. BB Cream



Beauty Balm also known as BB Cream is a must have beauty product during winter season. It is a one stop remedy for many products including serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and even sunscreen! So, cling on to any branded BB cream for the season to look perfect!


10. Blush And Highlighter

Blush And Highlighter


Blush and highlighter are also essential if you are planning to attend any winter wedding or party. It enhances the beauty of your cheeks. Let it match your outfit and it will look perfect!

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