Check out What’s Hot in Men’s Fashion This Season

People believed that fashion keeps on changing for women and that when it comes to men, they have very few choices. Depending on the occasion, either a blue/black or may be a Brown used to be the color choices for them always. But, as you see things have gone far ahead that solid colors have finally found their space in men’s wardrobe as well.

A plain long sleeved shirt, a black trouser and a suit or a blazer to cover up the perfect look of a gentleman is now outdated. There have come many new fashion symbols that have ideally changed the outlook of people towards men’s fashion. Little hesitant were our guys to adapt it but now the world moves with style and so do men! Here is what’s hot in men’s fashion this season. Grab the look now.

Striped Shirts


The era of wearing a plain or check shirts are gone, and the stripes have conquered the space. Striped shirts have become the iconic fashion symbol for every occasion no matter if it is a formal look or even the casual. These striped shirts are available from all leading brands and that too in most of the vibrant colors. So there is no more choosing the blue or the black, but you can go smart in more retro colors.

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Cool Blazers


The idea of wearing a blazer was just a symbol of your regular wardrobe style in the earlier times. But, now it depicts the fashion symbol as well. Standard style in blazers are gone, and the new ones have come up that too in various fabrics that suit every occasion. There are velvet ones, the linen, and the regular cotton is some of the choices. Colors that rule the season include the gray, beige, and other pastel colors that look elegant and simple.

Brown Shoes


Why stick on to black shoes always? Colors can change at times that can bring in some fresh look as such. Try out the brown shades for your shoes this time. It looks amazing and perfect. The brown shoes can exquisitely match with your spring/summer look. Now, do not overdo on the styles but prefer the round toe shoes that can assure you the perfect style look without any time limit.

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Round Glasses


Stylish eye wears are also now a part of your iconic fashion statement. But the frames do matters! Go for the round glasses for the time that is on a high. You can go for the matching frames or for some fresh colors that are also new in town. You can only evoke the style just with round sunglass effortlessly.

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Stylish Briefcase/Messenger Bag


Get something colorful when it comes to your accessories as well. Carry a bag that has some colors in it. Check out this green bag with a maroon shade on the flip. The side pockets will remain open and can be used for convenience while the flip makes our bag securely closed!

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