Check Out Trendy Kashmiri Jhumkas

Jhumkas are always one of the most favorite earrings which women love to wear at any occasion. They are very traditional yet they go well with modern outfits as well. There have come many new trends in the looks of the jhumkas these days. Of all, Kashmiri jhumkas have become the most favorite of all.

Kashmiri jhumkas are really long ones with a long chain that again has a small jhumka at the end. It can be worn around your ear, making your ear look richly decorated. Kundan types are more in demand among the customers as they look rich and trendy as well. Here are listing down some new trends in Kashmiri jhumkas. These are trendy as well as the most popular kid of jhumkas among women. Check out…


Check out this trendy Kashmiri jhumka. It has three chains hanging down along with the jhumka and it has pearls at the botto of each hanging. These jhumkas are made with white pearls. the earring is big and attractive. It is a perfect party wear set.

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The above featured is a Kundan jhumka. It has green colored stone and a long hanging with it, which ends in another jhumka. These Kundan jhumkas are the favorite of many.


This is yet another trendy Kashmiri jhumka. It has not so lengthy hanging. It has both maroon and green stones embedded on it. the earring is a bit more large one that covers up the ear.


This is another Kashmiri jhumka that is really hevay. It has stones, pearls and kundans attached on it. It has maroon, green and white colors on it, making it a perfect wear with any colored outfit. You can try them with a saree or an anarkali.


This is yet another most in demand type of Kashmiri jhumaka. It has three hangings which has three jhumkas at the tip, making it look rich and stylish. It is given in three colors with maroon, green and blue.

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This is a Peacock shaped Kashmiri kundan jhumka. The jhumka is too attractive and impressive as well. It can be worn with any kind of outfit as it looks traditional, classy yet trendy.


This is a perfect example foe a Kashmiri pearl jhumka with stones on it. They look rich, classy and trendy. It is a perfect choice for you to wear with a saree or a lehenga for a wedding or any party.

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These are heavy and costly Kashmiri jhumkas. It is made of white stones, crystal and kundans. They look stunning gift you wear them with your best outfit for a wedding. It is a perfect choice for a big bang wedding.


This is somewhat similar to the previous jhumkas. But, thus one featured above has gold color instead of the silver color in the previous one. They look very rich and traditional.



This is another kashmiri jhumka that has the shape of a Peacock. The jhumka is very rich with pearls, kundans and stones.It has three hangings as well. It is a perfect choice for a bride.

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