A lot of individuals like to have a cup of coffee in the morning so as to start their day. But you should know that your oral health can have a negative impact if you drink coffee every morning on a regular basis. Your teeth can get stains by drinking it. A polyphenol known as tannin is present as an ingredient in it. Tea and wine also contain tannin. In your tooth, sticking of color compounds occurs because of tannins. As a result of this you will find a yellow hue on your teeth which is basically an unwanted material. Your tooth can have stains if every day you will have a cup of this drink.

If you want to drink coffee and avoid discoloration of your teeth then how will you do this?

Removing stains of coffee from teeth

You need to regularly visit a dentist for biannual cleaning so as to remove the stains of coffee or tea permanently. So, if you love to drink coffee then you need not to worry at all. You can also use some home remedies so as to clean your teeth in a professional way. For instance, you can whiten your teeth if every month at least two times you use baking soda to brush your teeth. Try to regularly use strips for the purpose of whitening and also some toothpastes for the same purpose so that the coffee stains can be removed permanently. You can get a tray for whitening at home if you consult a dentist. In order to clean your teeth in a much-improved manner, using an electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush will be a good idea. For about two minutes in a day, you have to do brushing two times.

Some other pitfalls of coffee or tea

An erosion of enamel and tooth can occur in your mouth because of the growth of the bacteria that can happen as a result of drinking tea. You can have brittle or thin teeth because of this. In your tongue, sticking of tea or coffee occurs. Because of this halitosis or bad breath can occur in your mouth. After having this drink, take a toothbrush or a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. In addition to this, prior to drinking it, eating food is a good idea.

How will you prevent stains of tea or coffee?

Drink less tea if you can’t quit drinking it. Try to drink it in the morning only and in an amount of 1 cup only. The bacteria that discolor your teeth can grow at a rapid rate if you eat sugar and creamer. Also take a glass of water and drink it with rinsing after some time of drinking tea. Don’t drink it at a slow rate so as to avoid the growth of bacteria. For the purpose of avoiding stains, always use a straw to drink cold coffee. After having it you have to wait for 30 minutes and then the teeth need to be brushed. Acid is present in tea or coffee. Your tooth enamel can become weak if after having an acidic drink you go for brushing. Stains can occur because of this. For removing stains, you can get help from a number of foods. In order to remove the bacteria for the purpose of cleaning teeth you can eat various natural fibers containing foods like lemons and strawberries.

Stains in the teeth can also occur by eating some other drinks and foods

If you think that stains can occur only by drinking tea and coffee only then you are not right. A yellowish hue can be left on your tooth if you will consume drinks and foods other than coffee or tea which can be:

  • Sports drinks
  • Hard candy
  • Popsicles
  • Black tea
  • Colas
  • Tomato sauces and tomatoes
  • Cherries, blackberries and blueberries
  • Red wine

If you love tea then there is good news for you

Now maintaining a smile that is healthy and white even after having this drink is possible. But for this it is necessary that every day you drink only one cup of it. Brush your teeth two times every day. Along with this it is necessary that every 6 months you visit a dentist.

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