What is CoronaVirus?

Coronavirus is a type of virus which is originated from animals & Sea creatures. It is a group of viruses that causes diseases (followed by deaths) in animals, humans & even birds.

Coronavirus which outbroke in Wuhan, China is a novel coronavirus (nCOV), which means, it is the member of the coronavirus family which is not encountered before.

It rarely happens, but once the virus is transmitted from animal to human, it easily & rapidly commutes through the population and with no cure available, it becomes difficult to control it. Coronavirus is highly contagious & communicable.

(Indian government has set up 24X7 helpline number for anyone seeking information on Coronavirus – 011-23978046)

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Symptoms of CoronaVirus

  • Runny Nose
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Breathing difficulties

It’s fair to say that the patient will feel Pneumonic.

Preventions from CoronaVirus

  • Wash your hands frequently/Keep your hands clean
  • Use sanitizers always
  • Do not touch your face (eyes, mouth & nose) with infected hands as these are the entry points of virus into your body
  • Wear face mask when in public places like Airports and Markets
  • Drink plenty of water
  • When in doubt always see Doctor & get the Pneumonia test done

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Governments throughout the world has set up a screening process at International Airports. In India, all the major International Airports are carrying out Thermal screening for all the incoming passengers.

Origination of Coronavirus Strain

It all started in an animal market of Wuhan city, Hubei province of China. This is the place where fresh meat is sold in narrow lanes with stalls extending outside. It is also called “Wet Market”. This is a very dangerous situation where humans are in such a close vicinity with freshly cut animals. This is how Coronavirus gets transmitted from animals to humans and this time the suspect is Snake.

The situation in China is so worse that Chinese government had to now seal Wuhan & nearby cities to control the spread of Coronavirus. No planes, trains or buses are going in and out of the city.

It’s so sad that because of Coronavirus sudden outbreak, Chinese government has decided to pause all the activities around their biggest yearly festival “Chinese Lunar New Year”. This will help them to constrain the spread at least to a certain level.

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Countries like US, India, UK, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Japan, Australia are trying to get their people out of Wuhan city in China. The people coming from China are quarantined and tested thoroughly for the Coronavirus symptoms.

Currently, the numbers are increasing with every passing day but hope the situation is controlled soon.

Let’s Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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