Is world going to end on 12 December 2012? Our answer would be NO, as the date has passed, we are safe and GOSF, also know as “Great Online Shopping Festival” ended with the beginning of 13 December 2012. Read about #GOSF.

You must be aware about GOSF, which was live for one day and considered as First Indian Black Friday. GOSF received a lot of attention from shopping lovers and enthusiasts, but these was some amount of confusion and shortage of  best available deals from e-commerce vendors. Many shoppers got disappointed, when they didn’t find any special discount or deal on items of their Wishlist.

What is CouponRani Shopping Festival 12-12-12?

Its a new day after 12-12-12, and CouponRani has prepared itself to bring best Discount Coupon and Deals available for Indian customers from across different product range and trusted online stores.

CouponRani as a coupon and deals provider, is here to solve the problem of finding best deals and coupons from different Indian e-commerce websites. At CouponRani, we are active across 90+ Indian Online Stores. We found #GOSF participants often enquiring about good deals, which we helped them find. Check the Twitter stream for the kind of deals we found.

So, in next 12 days CouponRani is going to celebrate “CouponRani Shopping Festival”, which can be abbreviated as #CRSF12, where we will be offering 12 best discount coupon and codes from 12 best Online Stores across India. We will also be available on Twitter sharing the best specific deals, and finding things that you need, whether it is a 1TB external hard driver, a Samsung Galaxy S2 or a Legging.

Keep on checking 12 best deals and coupons, updated daily, here at

To get Deal and Coupons on specific product which you were looking and was not able to get discount on 12-12-12, do let us know and we would be quite happy to help you out in finding best deal! You can tweet or comment below!

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