Do You Drink Beer? Drink More…

Do you drink beer? Drink more… Now, you must be wondering what is so important in drinking a beer and asking you to drink even more. More in the sense not to have beer all the time, but it has been reported that there are many benefits from beer which can help you.

Yes, having beer can help you in many ways. Let us list some of the healthy benefits of drinking beer.

Beer Has Fibre

Surprised? It is true. Beer has high source of fibre in it. Beer is made from barley which has beta-glucan. It helps to improve the functioning of our heart by lowering the bad cholesterol. Experts say the dark ones are the best for this.


Keeps Kidney Healthy

Studies have proved that Beer can help in keeping our kidneys healthy. It claims that each beer bottle reduces the risk of getting kidney stones by 40%. Isn’t that surprising? So, if you are suffering from Kidney stones, you have now got a reason to drink more beer to get rid off your stones!


It Helps In Digestion

Now beer also helps in better digestion. Experts advice to have more dark beer to enable this function.


Low Risk Of Getting Heart Attack

Drinking beer will reduce the risk of getting cardiac problems. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in your body. Studies have claimed that it can be reduced from 40-60%.


Boosts Memory

Beer can play a significant role in improving your memory. It has been proved that people who drink beer have less chance of getting Alzheimer and memory loss.


Strong Bones

Beer helps you to have stronger bones. High amount of silicon present in the beer can help you to make your bones stronger.


Relieves Stress

Drinking beer can help you to get rid off from your mental stress and starin. It has been proved that two glass of beer can relieve you from all the stress at your work place!


Good For Skin

Now, all ladies have a reason to drink beer. It makes your skin more beautiful. There are certain ingredients in beer which help you in resolving your pigmentation problem to a very great extent. Also, it makes your skin smooth and soft.


Boosts Immunity

Beer improves and boosts your immune power. It improves blood circulation as well as helps to be relieved from joint pains too.


It Helps You Sleep Well

Another reason to drink beer is that it helps you to sleep well. Beer contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid which help you to have a good and sound sleep.


It Refreshes You

Drinking beer can refresh you. It makes you feel warm inside and relaxed.


Increases Vitamin B

Drinking beer increases vitamin B levels in you.


Beer Goes Well With Food

Beer is always a perfect combination to have with good food. You can have a beer with any of your favorite food. You can even use beer for cooking, to make your food taste better.


You have now got some real good and beneficial reason to drink more Beer. But, always remember to drink it on a minimal basis as too much of anything spoils the benefits!

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