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Drinks To Serve This Diwali

It is Diwali and people are busy and have already started celebrating it. You have already got ready with what to wear during the festival, which sweets are to be made, who all is to be invited, what gifts are to be brought and what not! Now, have you decided on which drink is to be served during the festival?

If you have thought on regular drinks like lime juice or tang, you are mistaken. You have numerous options in drinks as well, which can make your Diwali party a grand one. Here are lists of popular drinks that can be served during Diwali. Try any one of them from the regular drinks and make this Diwali a special one indeed.



Diwali is more of a family celebration rather than with friends. So, most of the people avoid alcohol during this time. Mocktails are a perfect choice for all such people. You can mix two or more juices in a glass and serve them chill. It will be good indeed.



Smoothies are yet another option to serve your guests. You can make them at home. It should be prepared according to the taste of the guests invited. You can try making water melon, banana, apple, mango, strawberry, papaya, smoothies. Make them and serve immediately and that too chilled. It will be a great drink to refresh yourself.

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Milk Shakes


Milk Shakes are yet another option to serve your guests during Diwali. You can make milk shakes with seasonal fruits as well as with other fruits. These are healthier and have a great taste. You can try for Banana, Apple, Chikoo, Strawberry and other desired fruits of your choice. You can put ice cream, fruit syrup, melted chocolate, honey etc as an extra topping to add more flavor.

Sweet Lassi


Sweet Lassi is yet another option. This will be a perfect choice for all those who love yogurt. You can even try for flavored lassies. There are mango, banana, strawberry, mint flavored lassies which is liked by most of the people.

Flavored Tea

Instead of serving plain tea, you can try for flavored tea. Ginger, ela4ichi, tulsi etc can be added to make flavored tea. But prior to that, you should be aware what your invited guests would like to have? Is it a plain tea or a flavored one!

Soft Drinks

soft drinks

Though a common drink for all parties these days, you can have soft drinks as well as an optional one. Mostly children will love to have those drinks than elder people. So, if you prefer soft drinks make sure that you have other options for elder people as well.

Now, you have a new list of drinks to be served during this Diwali, which is your pick for the party?

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