7 Tips To Eat Healthy This Diwali

It is Diwali time. People have already started their preparations for the celebration. It is the time for merry making, giving gifts, buying a new dress and eating traditional and authentic Diwali special sweets and savories.

When you say about Diwali special sweets, a lot of them just come into our minds, all made with pure ghee. Though they are not that healthy to be consumed in a large quantity due to high calorie, you can have them in a limited amount. After all, hardly people care about these factors during festivals.

Now, there are certain ways where you can eat healthy this festive season, without any fear of high calories and stuffs. Let us have a look at some healthy tips to make this Diwali too a healthy one for our body.

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If you are so much craving to eat sweets, try to eat homemade sweets. You can then adjust the amount of ghee and sweet in it. Also, you can be very sure about the health factor as well. Usually, most sweets made during Diwali season are fresh as there will be ample customers flooding to buy Diwali sweets. But, when it matters to health factors, may be you can survive upon homemade sweets.


You will be very tiring during Diwali festival. The fact is that you will not be recognizing this fact the whole day. You will forget to eat, drink and what not! You should never miss to drink water. Make your body hydrated always by drinking ample amount of water.

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Diwali is not only about sweets, but namkeens also plays a key role. Try to eat healthy snacks with less oil. Try for baked snacks rather than oiled and fried ones. This is healthier. Try Place Of Origin store for the best of snacks and sweets at affordable rates this Diwali.


When it comes to gifts, you can be wiser here too. Try to select healthy gifts. Go for dry fruits and fruits, low-calorie sweets rather than making your friends and relatives look awfully at the high-calorie sweets you have gifted them. You can buy dry fruits and other Diwali gifts online at low price.


Stay away from artificial colors and preservatives this Diwali. Give your family the natural taste. Go for the nutritional aspects on what you eat. Silver coating sweets can be avoided as they may be adulterated with Aluminium. It is harmful to your health. So it is better you switch to natural and organic products this Diwali.

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Apart from eating healthy, there are other factors as such you should be concerned. Prefer earthen lamps this Diwali. Say no to artificial lamps and lights. Make this Diwali look natural. Be careful when you burst crackers. Always try to avoid crackers which can create a lot of danger. You can use paper crackers instead It is available online at BigBazaar.

Try to keep away from alcohol this Diwali. It can give you booze indeed but it is always good to keep from such activities when you are celebrating it in a group and that too with family members.

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