Yes, It’s true! Cricket is back on the table guys. You may wonder, that in a situation like this where almost all of the sporting events have been canceled, all of the upcoming movies have been pushed back, live music events have been postponed and we can’t even go to a local restaurant to eat our favorite dishes because everything and by everything we mean every eatery, every street food vendor, even some shops have been closed on the order of the Indian government. How on god’s good great earth is it possible that cricket is back on the table? Yes, we know everything is cancelled, closed, or pushed back but, you kind reader, must be familiar with the old saying ‘’where there is a will there’s a way’’.

India and Cricket: A Love Story

Our country is crazy for cricket and it is a well known fact. Since the starting of lockdown people have started streaming old matches on YouTube. Ramayan, Mahabharat and other classic shows have started airing again on television so Board of Control for Cricket in India or BCCI and Doordarshan sports thought it will be a good time to show old matches as well. This decision only proves one thing that India longs for cricket and the whole world knows about the love between the two.

No Word on Indian Premier League

With the lockdown it is almost impossible to think that there will be a cricket match happening anytime soon and the cancellation of Indian Premier League came as a fatal blow to the heart. But then one of the best fantasy cricket app to earn real cash online BalleBaazi showed us that you don’t need a stadium to play cricket or even a gully for that matter. All you need is a gaming console and voila! You are all set.

Birth of a Revolutionary Idea

Similar to the Indian premier league, BalleBaazi, has come up with a concept of a virtual T20 tournament where 8 teams will compete against each other in a total of 31 matches. This virtual tournament will happen over a gaming console where these 8 teams will be competing against each other (AI v/s AI) to win the title. The winners will be announced post the final match on 24th May.

Format and Introduction to the Team

The Format is simple: every team will play one league game each in round-robin format with every opponent until they qualify for the elementary stages of the tournament. 4 teams will qualify for the semi finals and now introducing the 8 glorious teams that will compete with each other in the BalleBaazi Virtual Fantasy League.


Let’s Turn Our Fantasies into Reality.

So, are you ready for what has never happened before in the history of fantasy cricket? A virtual international tournament where your favorite players will be competing against each other in an AI vs AI environment and will help you earn real cash.

All these games will be FREEROLLS by which we mean you can take part in them for free and play fantasy cricket. Now, what are you waiting for? Get on the BalleBaazi app using BalleBaazi codes and start winning real cash online in fantasy gaming.

In the End.

Now you know everything which is there to know about BalleBaazi Fantasy League but if you would like to get more information on the same then you can head over to, your source of earning real cash online and everything which is related to fantasy sports.

Before ending this article, once again we would like to remind you to wash your hands regularly and do not go out unless there is an absolute emergency.

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