Food To Eat During September

It is the month of September. Autumn season is on its way, the season which marks the way from Summer to Winter. It is the time to make you more busy eating fruits and veggies. Though some are seasonal ones, some remain the best throughout the year. So, it is just the fresh fruit and juice of it all that matters.

Each season gives you opportunities to taste and enjoy different things. But, the fact is that many of us do not know what to eat during each of these seasons! There are even case studies done to make you aware which is the best diet to follow during each month. Based on these facts, I would like to draw your attention to some of the food that one should eat during the month of September.

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Since all of us prefer seasonal food all the time, let us begin with the seasonal foods that you should have during this month.

Vegetable Soups

September is the time when vegetables like Carrots, Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes, Onion, Garlic and many more are harvested. What more could give a relishing feel other than a soup made with these? Now, most of you know how to make soups. So why waiting! Enjoy a sumptuous vegetable soup made with these vegetables.


Chillies And Pepper

As we all know, Summer is gone and Winter is nearing. So nothing better than Chillies and Pepper, which are really hot, can save you from the cold weather. You can add them to any of your favorite dish and enjoy the flavor, which can make you feel just awesome!


This is another veggie that will save you during this time. Add it to any of your dish and enjoy the taste. It is good to have the vegetable fried as well as with other veggie curries.

Runner Beans

Runner Beans is yet another vegetable that is good to eat during this month. It is highly nutritious and can be used fried as well as in other veggie curries to add more crunch to it.


Blackberries are your next option during this month. It is one such fruit that makes you feel fresh with its sweet and sour juicy flavor. Try out for its amazing good taste.



There is not even a single house which does not have onions! So, why waiting! Just make delicious dishes with Onions and diminish your crave for food as it is one of the vegetables to eat for this month. You can try soups or add it to different curries to get the wonderful taste of it.


Pumpkin is yet another vegetable that is common during this month. You can make many types of dishes with this, thus filling your dining table a healthy one. You can even toast it and fry it with some good exotic flavors to make it more special on your dining table.


Now, non-vegetarians please do not kill me for adding only veggies to the list. For all the non-vegetarians out there, you can try for the yummiest duck during this month. Duck roast, duck stew, duck curry and many other recipes are on the list. Try roasting as it will reduce the fat content. It will also help you to fight the cold climate.


Apples And Pear

Apart from Blackberries, you can also try Apples and Pear among fruits category during this month. You can try making puddings, apple crunch, pies and many other dishes with it.


Tomato is yet another unavoidable vegetable in our kitchen. You can try making innumerable recipes with this magical Tomato, which is indeed a friend to every woman in the kitchen!


After Duck, the next that can be tried out by non-vegetarians are beef. Now, the word itself will make your mouth watery. Enjoy a sumptuous meal with beef, making it an ingredient in curry, stew, or you can even try it as a roast, which is more popular.


Jams And Chutneys

Now, you will be surprised to know that there is even a particular month or season to try out your favorite jam or chutney. Yes! And the month is on. Try out jams and spicy chutneys during this month.

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