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Around the year 300 A.D. there was a cruel king in Roman empire, his name was Claudius II. One fine day, he just came up with the decision that no one in his army would get married because he thinks that “unmarried men” are more efficient than “married men”.  Later he also announced that all young men in his state would not get married as they must join army later and the king did not want his army men to think about their families during war. This rule made everyone upset and helpless.

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But there was a man called “St. Valentine” in the city’s catholic church who could not stand this injustice. St. Valentine did not agree with this rule and went ahead to carry on marriages for young men as well as soldiers. He started helping people in getting married secretly. As soon as king Claudius came to know about this, he sent his men to capture Valentine and put him in prison. It is said that, St. Valentine was not a normal person, he had some extra powers with which he could heal people around him. He started healing people in prison too. After realizing his powers to heal people, the jailor of that prison, got his daughter to St. Valentine. Jailor’s daughter was blind and could not see. Jailor requested Valentine to heal her eyes so that she can see the world. St. Valentine just rubbed his hands on girl’s eyes and miracle happened. The girl was able to see.

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The girl started visiting St. Valentine every day in prison, they used to sit and talk for hours. Valentine and the jailor’s daughter fell in love with each other. But as the destiny had it written all over. The king did not like this and declared St. Valentine’s execution on 14th of that month. St. Valentine accepted the punishment.

Just one day before 14th, St. Valentine wrote a letter to his girlfriend telling her how much he loves her and what she means to her. At the end of the letter, he wrote – “From Your Valentine” 😊. So there it was!!

From that time onwards, people celebrate February 14th as Valentine’s day in memory of St. Valentine’s sacrifice for his girlfriend and the people of Rome.

Valentine’s day has evolved so much since then. In addition to letters, now the couple exchange chocolates, flowers, gifts and so many more things to express their emotions.

Valentine day is celebrated for 7 days starting from Feb 7th and ending on Feb 14th. Every day is celebrated with a special purpose. Check the dates below to know which day is celebrated for what.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 😊

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