Gift Ideas For Housewarming Ceremony

Gift Ideas For Housewarming Ceremony

It is a tendency of Indians to carry a gift for any invitation they get. You cannot see any guests without a gift in his/her hand attending the function. This is a form of showing the courtesy of the guests to the host, who remembered to invite them to the function. Now, when you are invited to a housewarming ceremony, you would definitely look for gifts that are mostly useful for the hosts. In such cases, you rather end up buying either a dinner set or a painting.

Now, these gifts are also nice and beautiful. But, there are other useful gifts as well which are widely accepted for a housewarming ceremony. It is always good to buy a gift that is useful to the entire family. It will be cost effective as well as it will be useful for them.

Here is listing some gift ideas for a housewarming ceremony. Check out these gifts so that you really bring a smile on the recipient’s face.


It will be a perfect gift for an auspicious function like housewarming ceremony that happens only once in a lifetime. It will make them feel blessed by gifting them idols of gods and goddesses. Idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Laxmi or Lord Krishna will be a perfect choice of gift for a Hindu family. If it is a Christian family, you can gift them statue of Jesus, Mother Mary or Holy Family. Similar is the case with a Muslim family too.

Mural Paintings

If you would prefer to gift a family with a slightly expensive gift, then a mural painting will be a great choice. Art paintings are more like conventional gifts. Paintings can be a landscape, a self-portrait or even a still life painting. It adds more beauty to the interior decoration of the new house. You can either make a portrait of a painting or else you can make a painting on the wall if the owner of the house agrees to it. It gives a classy and rich look as well.

Food Processor

Food Processor is again an ideal gift for a housewarming ceremony. It is a useful gift as far as women are concerned. It is a best choice to gift for a newly wedded couple during their housewarming ceremony.

Wind Chimes

According to Chinese Mythology, it is very good to gift a family with Wind Chimes rather than buying for own. It brings luck to those who receive them as gifts. So, if you really like the family, gift those wind chimes so that luck follows them throughout their life.


Lamps are yet another choice for a perfect gift. In fact, you have ample varieties in this category these days that you can pick the most appropriate one for the family you intend to buy. It is a useful item as well adds beauty to the home décor. You can even opt for buying a designer lamp that adds more charm.


If you have a plan to spend a ransom, then furniture can be a good choice. You can sponsor it for the family. But, for this you have to take into consideration the liking of the family as well. Wooden furniture will add more elegance to the interior décor.

Dinner Sets

Dinner Sets are one of the most common gifts that most of us consider buying for any occasion. You can buy any good or branded dinner set for a housewarming function. It is indeed a useful gift.

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven is yet another useful gift for a housewarming ceremony. It is also slightly expensive but, worth buying for someone really close to you.

Electrical Appliances

It is good to gift electrical appliances as well. You can consider buying stuffs like an electric cooker, induction cooker, pressure cooker, fan, TV, washing machine etc as gifts.

Flower Vases

Last but not the least, flower vases can also be a good choice to gift during a housewarming ceremony.

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