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What To Gift Your Wife On Your First Anniversary?

First anniversary is as important as a wedding for any married couple. It is the remembrance of surviving for a complete 365 days of marriage with so much of love, passion, respect, fights and sadness. In fact, couple waits so much to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with their friends and families. It is the time to prove to the world that you both are a wonderful husband and wife.

Now, when its anniversary, it will be a tough time for hubbies as they need to gift their wonderful wifys with some special anniversary gift to remember their first anniversary in the long years to come. They go so confused that they still might find it difficult to figure out the best gift for their wives. Ok, let me solve that confusion for a while at least. I would like to pin out some best gift ideas for your wives on your first anniversary. Check them out. If I have missed out anything, please mention it in the comment box below. That would be appreciated…

A Romantic Dinner

It is good to revive your romance once again. Go out for a candle light dinner with your wife and surprise her with her favorite dish and a rose bouquet to make your anniversary a most special one.

A Vacation

It is worth if you spend some money on your first anniversary. Take your wife to any of the romantic places which she would love and spend a beautiful vacation. Sounds romantic!


Anything in diamond can bring a smile on the face of your wife. Get her a diamond ring or an earring on your first anniversary. It will surprise her for sure.

New Dress

Gift the favorite dress which she was longing to have. This can also be a surprise for her.

Branded Watch

She will be overwhelmed if you gift her expensive gift like a branded watch.

A Musical/Dance Night

If your wife is a music lover, take her to any musical night or Ghazal event happening in your city. If she loves dance, take her to the dance floor and have a romantic dance night. She is sure to love it.

Throw A Surprise Party

Give her a surprise by throwing a birthday party. Invite all her family and friends to make the function more colorful.


Give her a portrait made by you. Paint her in your canvas. Tis can make her love you even more in the years to come.

Cook Her A Dinner

Surprise her by cooking a dinner for her. Prepare her favorite dish. Make it simple and have it with both of you on your terrace.


If your wife is so fond of fragrances, gift her one of her favorite perfumes.

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