As the COVID situation is worsening day by day, getting vaccinated is the need of the hour. But due to the shortage of vaccines, people are not able to book the vaccination slots. It is making the problem even more critical. To help in this situation, many platforms have launched the service of notifying people whenever there are vaccination slots available in their area. In this article, we will discuss 2 of the most popular and reliable platforms among them.

1) Vaccinate Me

Use Vacciante Me to get notified on whatsapp whenever there is a vaccination slot available in your area.

Vaccinate Me is the initiative launched by Healthify Me which sends WhatsApp notifications to its users when vaccine slots are available. You can follow these steps:

1.First visit Vaccinate Me. You will see the dashboard as shown below. It will ask you to search for vaccination slots by district or Pin code. After entering your district or Pin code, click on Search Sites.

2. Now, you will see all the vaccination slots available in your area. Also, there are filters like 18-44, 45+, COVIDSHIELD, COVAXIN, Free, and Paid that you can use to customize your result. For example, if you want to search for Free COVIDSHIELD vaccination slots available in your area for 18+ people, you can select all these filters and it will show you the respective result.

3. If there are no slots available as per the filters you have selected, then you have the option to get notified on your WhatsApp whenever a slot opens up for those filters. Click on Notify me on WhatsApp

4. On the next screen, click on Whatsapp and enter your WhatsApp number and click Submit. It will ask for OTP, enter it, and you are done. You will get notified on WhatsApp/SMS whenever vaccine will be available in your area for the filters that you have selected.

5. If there are slots available for the filters you have selected, then you can select the slot and it will show you the list of all the hospitals where vaccines are available. Choose as per your convenience and it will redirect you to the COWIN site from which you can book your appointment for the vaccination.

You cannot book your appointment from Vaccinate Me. It will only help you in getting to know whether the vaccination slots are available or not. Also, it will notify you about the same if you have registered your WhatsApp number for particular filter keywords. It checks the COWIN database for slots availability every 2-6 minutes.

2) Paytm Vaccine Finder

Amid the COVID situation, Paytm has also launched its tool, called Vaccine Finder, to help people get notified when vaccines are available. It was confirmed by the founder of Paytm Vijay Shekhar Sharma on Twitter about this new tool being added to the Paytm app.

Follow these steps to use Paytm Vaccine Finder:

1.First, install Paytm or open it if you already have. Under the featured section, you may find the tool Vaccine Finder. Open it.

2. On the next screen, it will ask you to search for vaccines based on District or Pin Code. Enter your data. Then select your Age Group and choose for which dose you are searching for vaccination slots. Then click on Check Availability to search for the available slots.

3. If slots are available in your area based on the filters you have selected, it will show you the list of the hospitals having vaccines available. You can book your appointment by selecting any slot. It will redirect you to the COWIN website and you can book your appointment only from there.

4. However, if no slots are present for your filter keywords, you may go for the option “Notify me when slots are available.” You will get notified on the Paytm chat whenever there is a vaccination slot available in your area.

So we have discussed how Vaccinate Me and Paytm Vaccinate Finder may help you in booking your vaccination slots. Whenever there would be a slot available in your area, you will get notified. Vaccinate Me will notify you on WhatsApp, while Paytm will notify you within its chat. So you can choose which you want to use, or you may also use both of them.

Then you may go to the COWIN site to book your appointment. Also, you have to be fast as it may be possible that only a few vaccination slots may open up and get filled quickly. So, whenever you got a notification for slot availability, book your appointment instantly without wasting time. Share this information with everyone and help your family and friends to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Let’s make India Corona free.

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