Valentine’s DayCheck Out How Valentine’s Day Is Celebrated In These Countries

Did you know, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February on various dates in the most significant, cultural and commercial way in many regions around the globe. In India, it is celebrated on Feb 14th. There are many stories on the evolution of Valentine’s Day of which the popular one is on Saint Valentine. Whatsoever, Valentine’s Day is celebrated to show the love and passionate feelings between two people. And guess what, it is celebrated in different ways in various countries. Check out how.


Valentine’s Day

In Philippines, Valentine’s Day is regarded as an auspicious day to get married! It is said that a lot of weddings happen on this day here. There are even mass public weddings hosted on this day in the Philippines!

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Valentine’s Day

The Danish people celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way. They gift their friends, lovers or even their soul mates pressed white flowers called snowdrops to show their love and affection and love for their counterpart.


Valentine’s Day

In Japan, women give chocolates to their love and the amount of chocolate they give denoted the strength of their love for the other. More the chocolate more is the love! Alike other countries, there is no such gifting of cards or flowers in Japan but it is all chocolate!


Valentine’s Day

Lebanese couples celebrate Valentine’s’ Day as a feast day to exchange sweet and lovable words and gifts to express their love for each other. The popular Valentine’s Day gifts here include chocolate boxes, red roses, and Valentine Cupcakes.


Valentine’s Day

In Finland, things stand different from the rest. Here Valentine’s Day is celebrated to remember the good friends!

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Valentine’s Day

Though Hindu and Muslim traditionalists in India show protest against any celebration for Valentine’s Day, couples and lovers exchange red roses and gifts on this day. In India, Valentine’s Day is celebrated for a week starting from Feb 7th to Feb 14th. You can buy awesome gifts for each day of Valentine week from FlowerAura at best prices using our coupon codes and deals.

South Korea

Valentine’s Day

South Koreans celebrate the entire Valentine’s Day concept on three different dates and months. Women give chocolates as their token of love to their men on February 14 and then men in-turn give non-chocolate candy to the women on March 14. On April 14, those who do not receive anything on the other two days celebrate it as a Black day and goes to a restaurant to eat Black Noodles and to cry on their single status!

UK & Spain

Valentine’s Day

UK & Spain celebrate Valentine’s Day in a similar way by exchanging flowers, gifts, roses and cards!

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Valentine’s Day

Did you know that Valentine’s Day cards originated from this country? They celebrate by giving love letters and cards and also by exchanging flowers, chocolates, gifts, etc.

South Africa

Valentine’s Day

Things sound interesting in South Korea when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebration. On this day, women pin the name of their crushes on their sleeves thus making their men know about their love.

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