How Important Is Your Dinner?

Most of us make sure that we never skip our breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is the source of our energy for the whole day and so, we never neglect it. We also never forget our lunch as we prepare a lot of dishes to pamper us with taste during lunch time. Now, when it comes to dinner, most of us will feel heavy and has a tendency to skip our dinner. We might think that we had enough during the whole day and there is no need to make the stomach even more full by eating dinner.

This thought makes you skip your dinner. This is not a good thing to do. Now, here I would like to make you aware on how important is your dinner each day!

It is to be remembered that our body organs are working throughout the day without any rest, even while we are sleeping. Our heart pumps blood, we breathe through our lungs – all happens even while we are sleeping. Now, the energy for this work too comes from the food that we eat. It is not mandatory that you should eat a full stomach for your dinner, but it should be taken care that you should never skip it!

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Now, let us ponder over some reasons on why we should never skip our dinner. If you skip your dinner, then there will be long gap between your last meal and the next meal for the next day. Now, this is indeed a long gap. There are chances of you getting hunger in the middle of the night which can kill your good sleep in the middle of the night. There are also chances of getting gastric problems in your stomach which can lead to stomach pain and acidity. You will land up in eating something that is not a part of your diet for the day, killing your effort of a healthy diet.

Doctors always advise us to have our dinner early. They usually advise us to have it between 7:30 and 8:30 pm. According to them, it is the best time to have your dinner as you can have it fresh and also there will be ample of time for digestion after your dinner and before your sleep. It is said that sleeping with a full stomach is not good for your health. Obesity occurs due to unhealthy eating habits as well.

Having dinner early can help the body to release more energy from the food as you are awake for a longer tome. This slows down while you are at sleep. So, it is always advised to have atleast a light dinner in the night to keep your stomach fill.

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Doctors also advise not to have a heavy dinner. Your body will not get the required rest for the day. It will automatically make you feel lazy and slows down all your activities for the next day as well. Remember not to have too much of alcohol, sweet or any form of savories during night as it will increase the work function of your organs. This makes you feel a hangover of the previous day next morning.

So, never ever skip your dinner. Instead it is always better to have a light dinner and that too during a particular time that can give you atleast two hours of rest before you go to bed. This will make you feel good as well as you will experience a freshness the next morning when you wake up.

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