Influence Of Social Media In The Society

The term social media has now become the part and parcel in the lives of the people around. Nobody can even think of a single day without spending atleast a few minutes in any one of the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Instagram or Google Plus.

Social media has influenced people in a very crucial way that they do not opt for anything other than it even to say a Hi. One wishes his friend sitting next to his chair through Whatsapp. He doesn’t find it more open to go to his place and wish him. Though these social media keep people stay connected, the intimacy is lost in most of the cases. Don’t you think so?


As an example, how many of you read newspapers these days? In fact, many of you read but, either in your phone or in your laptop. The online version of almost all the leading newspapers in the country are available now, to make you aware of what is happening around  the world with your single touch on the screen.

One of the major reason that people are so fascinated about these social media sites is that they give you more space and time for yourself than anything around you. It takes up most of your time and inspite of knowing this fact, you tend to continue being a social media enthusiast. Most of the social media sites are like a second home for many of us.

It is a fact that they have their own cons as well. They have made complex things simpler. A meeting to be held in Japan can be conducted from the US through Skype. Officially, it is a great advantage indeed! Everything looks fresh, easy and comfortable in social media, which makes it one of the most favorite among the people around.


As we all know, there are different social sites which are platforms for various users. There are sites to share about one’s profession, major of study, works and company, addresses, political views and religion. Also there are other few which allow you to find a job and allow the company to find the employees. So, in these ways social media is indeed a great use!

Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are more like general platforms for people to share their likes, dislikes, protests, join for a cause, share a view, support and much more. It makes people more live in their activity by sharing the updates on the same as well to make it go viral. We have seen people getting many helps from these sites as well. People get a lot of helping hand from these social sites, which have helped to sort out many problems of many. Twitter has shares which gives more importance for a cause rather than a protest.

In the business perspective, online media helps them to stay connected with their customers. They come to know the feedback from their users, so that they can bring the needed change in their style of business to make it more useful and friendly to their users.


According to a survey, one out of every seven people has an account on Facebook. This clearly shows the popularity of the social site and its influence. Statistics show that there are more than one million Facebook users, 800 million YouTube users, 340 million Google Plus users, 200 million for Twitter as well as for Linkedin, 80 million for Tumblr, 75 million for Flickr and almost 40 million for Pinterest.

So, it is good to be a social media enthusiast, no matter if it is out of passion or for a cause. But, always keep it mind to never let them rule over you!

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