Should Kids Wear Sunglasses?

Though summer is over, parents are always concerned about their child’s protection against other things like sun, dust and many allergies. It always hunts our children like a bad luck, which cannot be stopped all of a sudden. Harmful UV Rays and dust are always around our little ones, attacking them whenever they move out. How many of our parents make our children wear Sunglasses when they move out, inspite of the sun?

I am sure that more than 20% of the moms do not make their children wear sunglasses. It is not because they are ignorant of the fact that there are harmful rays outside that can cause harm to their children but, they tend to ignore these things considering them to be silly things to be taken aggressive care.


Be it a sunny day or any other time, make sure that your child wears a wide-brimmed hat or a sunglass to protect her from the sun and the harmful rays. How many of you are aware of the harmful effects of these rays? Let us have a brief discussion on this topic now.

All of us know that the sunlight has UV rays that are harmful to our skin. The amount that reaches out to us has become even more due to more holes in the ozone layer. As a result, the rays are now passing more vigorously on to the Earth, which is making us suffer from many diseases including skin allergies and eye diseases.

It has been proven that too much of UV rays can cause serious eye problems not only to our children, but even to us. Our eyes are protected by eyelids but, our eyes are so thin that it contains fragile tissues that might get easily damaged by the UV rays. The lens and cornea inside our eyes do protect our eyes, but it too gets damaged after so many years, thus the lens becoming yellowish in color due to absorption of the harmful UV rays.


According to pediatric ophthalmologist Steven J. Lichtenstein of the Illinois Eye Center, “Serious ocular disorders, principally those connected with old age, are at least partly a result of cumulative exposure of the eyes to the sun’s UV radiation over a lifetime, beginning in childhood. First, under normal circumstances, children spend more time outdoors than adults, particularly in summer. As a result, the average child receives approximately three times the annual UV dose of the average adult.”

Children are very much playful, of course. Parents are so careful to make their children move out after applying sunscreen on their body. But, none of the mothers take precaution for their child’s eye. There are many serious diseases that can be caused to this. Let us take a look at the diseases caused due to these harmful UV rays.

As we all know, our eye cells are too fragile and do not get repaired on their own unlike our other cells. Over the age, it can lead to many diseases including blindness or other serious eye problems. Some of them include Cataracts, Pterygium, Photokeratitis, Cancer of the Eyes and even Age Related Macular Degeneration.


Now how can we protect our child’s eyes from all these is the question! We can protect it by making our little ones wear sunglasses. There are ample of shops and online stores that sell good sunglasses for kids. Stores like Lenskart, Hopscotch and many more such sites give us numerous collections of sunglasses to opt for our child.

We should be careful while selecting sunglasses as well. Try to avoid cheap toy shades, as they provide only dark lens and no UV protection. Always try to choose comfortable sunglasses that are impact-resistant, bendable and protect against peripheral UV rays. Remember the fact that the color of the lens has nothing to do with the UV ray protection. Polarized lens do not provide UV ray protection themselves unless they are specifically coated with it.


Now that all parents have got a reason to buy a pair of sunglasses for your child, get them now. UV rays are present not only during summer, but throughout the year. The chance of risk will be more if we delay to take a decision. So, why waiting mommies and daddies? Go and get your child a sunglasses today and save him/her from harmful UV rays.

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