Corinne Olympios

It may interest you to know that Corinne Olympios is a popular American model and personality on TV. Besides, Corinne is one of the reputable and highly successful business women in the United States. She came to limelight because of her unique appearance and significant contribution in ‘The Bachelor’, a 21 Season of an American TV Show.

Birth Facts, Family and Childhood

Corinne Olympios was born November 11, 1992, in Miami, Florida. By nationality, she is an American but ethnicity-wise, she is traceable to Greek America. She was born into a rich family, because her parents were a business tycoon in America.

Physical Description and Measurement

Corinne is neither too tall, nor too short. Her height is 5 feet 1 inch while her weight is 55kg. Also, she is known for her blonde hair with dark brown eye balls. In addition, she uses 34 inches as bra size.

Life and Career

Before Corinne Olympios became a reality TV star, she has worked for her multi-million dollar business of her family, Armor Garage, a flooring supplier. As is this is not enough, she was into online business which worth several millions of dollars as tutored by Chris Harrison.

Corinne came to limelight in 2017 during the much publicized “villain” of the 21st season of ‘The Bachelor’. Later, she contested for the Nick Viall’s heart on the popular ABC reality show ‘The Bachelor’. She was also into modeling for some magazines and music videos. She had featured in music videos for Akon, Pitbull, and DJ Khaled. During a fantasy game on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Corinne was popularly tipped as the winner of ‘The Bachelor’ by Jennifer Aniston.


Corinne is definitely in close relationship and the identity of this man was kept close to her chest for a long time. Having parted way with Jordan Gielchinsky, she found another man she is in love with. Before this time, it was rumored round that Corinne Olympios had found a new love in her off and on, Nick Viall features in the ‘The Bachelor’ series. She actually dispels the rumor of any engagement as being filtered round.

Of recent, it was also in the news that she was in love with Chad Johnson. This was buttressed by the pics they took together on social media, particularly on Instagram. Recall Corinne was a star feature in the Season series of ‘The Bachelorette’ while Chad is also a familiar actor in ‘The Bachelor’.

Attributes of a Man She Wants

Corinne Olympios knows exactly what she wants particularly in a man of his life. According to her, her dreamed man must be funny, cool, and supportive. Again, such a man must have a good job, love dogs, and be handsome. She insisted that her dreamed man must be kind and get all the good stuff ever imagined for woman. This is not surprising; it is believed that if all said are done, the marriage will last long. Even though, Corinne stayed away from dating apps for some time, she wants to keep it as old school when she finds the love of her life. Corinne Olympios prefers organic meeting with guys. In spite of the fact that she confessed that she did not find any love in Nick Vaill on the season of ‘The Bachelor’, she has nothing but good things to say as regard her time on the show.

Her Thought about ‘The Bachelor’

Corinne made it clear that she really appreciates the fact that she was able to move on in ‘The Bachelor’. The young woman is really doing amazing stuff with her after the ‘Bachelor’ life. She loves her ‘Bachelor’ family because they are supportive and always being there for her. During the Season 21 of the ABC reality show, Nick Viall sent Corinne Olympios home after hometown dates.

What You Should Know about Corinne Olympios

  • Taylor Olympios is the sibling and younger sister of Corinne Olympios. This tells us that she is not the only child of her parents, Ken Miriam Olympios and James Olympios. Her mother is well above fifty while her father is also in his 60s. They both hailed from New Jersey. It is therefore amazing that they are not Greek.
  • She has affluence in line with her family lineage. Her dad is the owner of a multi-million investment of Armor Garage located in Miami. The company is a reputable major supplier of epoxy floor coatings, boasting of over 3 million dollars per annum, supplying major corporations, military and government establishments.
  • Corinne Olympios is a Jewish by ethnicity. She is highly spiritual and devoted, her salacious notwithstanding.
  • Corinne has featured on TV Pilot popularly referred to as ‘Unorthodox Approach’. Indeed, there is high tendency that ABC actually settled her to be part of the show.
  • She has a college degree from Florida International University, thought she may not look like it most times.
  • Corinne likes flaunting her ample breast whenever the opportunity arises. Anytime she is on group date, for instance, she is fond of removing her top off and simply places Nick’s hands upon her D Cup boobs. Unfortunately, the rest of Nick’s suitors are often unpleased and jealous about this.
  • She calculated and perfectly attracted the 1st kiss form Nick. This was least expected by Nick, all the same Corinne came in, ensure she satisfied her by carried out her desire game plan and eventually somehow fulfilled.
  • Corinne Olympios is an actress and model, particularly when she is less busy. Her profiles on explore talent and Model Mayhem is easily accessible. Also, she often uses her social media like LinkedIn page to connect with her acting and modeling.

Social Media Profiles

Corinne Olympios is so active and loved on the social media to the extent that her followers on Twitter are around 99,300 while on Instagram, it is about 760,000. She truly has the charisma both online and offline.

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